10 Best KODI Addons For Live TV


Watching your popular TV shows, live events isn’t possible every time but thanks to KODI and their Addons. With the help of Kodi Addons, you can watch your favorite shows anywhere and at any time. But for that, you need Kodi addon on KODI software. There are thousands of Addons available but not all of them work properly and user-friendly. To help you select the best one we are listing few Best KODI Addons For Live TV.

Best KODI Addons For Live TV

1.Ccloud TV

Ccloud TV is one of the best cloud-based Kodi addons to watch Live TV. One key feature of the addon is it is ultra fast with premium quality. It offers a large number of channels in the different language region wise. Users can watch documentaries, entertainment shows, news, sports etc and one good thing about the addon is that it keeps updated with time.

Best KODI Addons For Live TV 

2. USTVNow

USTVNow is widely popular official Kodi addon which allow users to watch their favorite channels. To use USTVNow users need to subscribe from their official website. Using them is very easy you just need to signup to the addon and watch their favorite shows. One main drawback of the addon is that it offers less number of channels comparatively.


3. YouTube

There is no need to introduce YouTube, has billions of users. Users can watch their favorite shows, movies and cool stuff with the help of YouTube add-on. the streams can be integrated into the video library with the stream files.


4. Hallow Live TV

If you are a sports fan and love watching live streaming then Hallow Live TV is a good choice. This doesn’t mean it only for sports streaming you can watch TV shows, movies, kids entertainment which makes it more popular among the add-ons. Other than this it features the radio program as well but you need a VPN for this.

Hallow Live TV

5. SmoothStreams

SmoothStreams is an allrounder which offers more than 50 live TV channels including sports channels. If you are looking for an addon with a combination of sports, entertainment, kids, movies then SmoothStreams fits perfect for you. One key feature of SmoothStreams is that it streams in different quality like 540p, 720p, and 1080p.


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6. NBC Sports Live Extra

This NBC Sports Live Extra is for a sports freak which offers live sports streaming, highlights from the best ones. One thing to keep in mind is that some of the sports require a subscription for NBC cable. Users can watch their favorite sports in High definition quality using this Kodi addon.

NBC Sports Live Extra

7. Furious Streams

A region based Kodi addon which streams live TV channels of UK region. Other than that users can watch live sports, movies with the Furious streams. The links provided by addon for live TV streaming works very smoothly which enhances the user experience.

Furious Streams

8. iPlayer WWW

iPlayer WWW is a Kodi addon which allows you to streams the shows from BBC iplayer. The addon allows you to watch live TV. For an instance, it seems like an affiliate for BBC iPlayer but actually, it isn’t. It uses them to stream the shows like Top Gear, Doctor Who, and some more shows.

iPlayer WWW

9. BritFlix

This is an exclusive Kodi addon for the British fans all around the globe. BritFlix allows all the British fans to watch all the channels which are streamed in Britain. So, this one is very good for British people. That doesn’t mean it only stream Britain channels other than that it offers movies, documentaries of high quality. The addon is available in Bizzle Build repo.


10. Ultra IPTV

Ultra IPTV is best Kodi addon for the users who want to stream IPTV channels. The addon stream live sports, news, movies and cool stuff from around the globe. The only demerit of the addon is that some channels are Geo-restricted. So, to access those channels you can use Kodi VPN.

Ultra IPTV

Wrapping Up:

So, that was our list of Best Kodi addons for Live TV. There is a huge list of addons picking just a few ones wasn’t easy. So, if we have missed any other best add-ons which you think should feature in the list then do comment in the comment section. We would like to hear from you all.

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