Best Deals from Amazon Prime Days Sale

Best Deals from Amazon Prime Days Sale 2018

Amazon yet again arrived with a bang and this time it is Amazon Prime Days Sale. This 2018 prime day sale will begin from...
Best Amazon Echo Compatible Smart Devices

List of Best Amazon Echo Compatible Smart Devices

Well, you all must be aware of Alexa how this voice recognition ruled the market since its introduction from Amazon in 2014. Due to increase...

10 Best Amazon Echo Show Accessories You Should Buy

Amazon's Alexa is one of the trending topics in the Smart Speakers arena. And with so many smart speakers from Amazon, it becomes difficult to...
Best Amazon Echo accessories

15 Best Amazon Echo Accessories You Should Buy

Amazon's Alexa has revolutionized the World of voice assistant to a whole new level. And their prime example is their smart speakers which are...
Funny Alexa Commands

11 Funny Alexa Commands you should ask your Echo!!

Amazon Echo Devices are popular for performing tons of tasks making our lives much easier. In this era of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning,...
Amazon Alexa Weird Commands

25 Amazon Alexa Weird Commands You Should Try

Amazon Alexa has taken the voice assistant to a next level. This Amazon assistant is found on many devices like Echo, Dot, Show and...
secure your Amazon Alexa

How to secure your Amazon Alexa Devices

Alexa enabled smart devices are becoming more popular these days. According to reports, more than 20 million users have already activated voice-assistant in their...
Fire Multiple Alexa Commands

How to Fire Multiple Alexa Commands at One Go

Amazon Alexa has already revolutionized the market of Smart Speakers and still going very strongly to capture the market. These speakers are very useful...
Send SMS via Voice Command

How to Send SMS via Voice Command from Amazon Alexa

Amazon recently launched a new messaging feature for their Alexa devices which will allow you to send text messages to your contacts. Users only...
Best Alexa Commands

List of Best Alexa Commands to Control Amazon Echo

You all must be aware of Amazon Voice Assistant Alexa which is ruling the market. Amazon launched three devices Echo, Dot, and Tap to...

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