Everything About PC Game Trainers and Their Role in Boosting Game Progress


If you have ever felt like a failure in a certain game, you must have pondered the possibility of using trainers to boost your game progress. So, what are PC Game Trainers? They are special programs that make it possible for you to get extra bonuses, such as increased speed, additional resources (which you haven’t earned, of course), superpower or speed, unlocking specific game options, etc. Though trainers are called cheats, more and more gamers resort to this sort of “cheating” to try all those features and options that would be unattainable if they played fair.

PC Game Trainers

Using PC Game Trainers

Since trainers are quite popular with different categories of players, it doesn’t pose difficulty to figure out to install and use such programs. Moreover, in the majority of cases, trainers are accompanied with a detailed tutorial telling newbies how to use a particular program. You should look for such instructions in a separate txt file, whose name is somewhat like “Readme.txt.” To familiarize yourself with the guidelines, use any text editor you have on your computer and open the file with its help.

As for the program itself, it usually consists of one executive file. Still, there are trainers that have two or even more files.

From the instruction, you will also learn that it is necessary to fire up your game trainer before starting a game you want to achieve progress in. Nevertheless, some particular programs may ask you to do vice versa.

It is also crucial that you keep a trainer window active while playing a game. Otherwise, your trainer will not be able to work properly.

Developers of trainers provide you default shortcuts for controlling your game. Still, you are always free to incorporate any changes into the default settings, thus accommodating the trainer to your gaming habits.

Where Should I look for Trainers?

You just type in the name of the game followed with the word “trainer,” e.g. “kingdom come deliverance trainer,” into the search bar, and you’ll be immediately provided with a long list of the websites offering the program you’re looking for.

On such websites, as Trainersmode.com, Cheathappens, or Gamepressure, you will find the best trainers for any popular game. Trainers provided by these sites are reliable and free of malware. So, if you still haven’t decided what source to rely on, you can avail yourself of the aforementioned ones.

My Trainer Has Been Detected as a Virus? What Shall I Do?

Unfortunately, they still haven’t figured out how to create completely safe cheat software that would look clean for antivirus programs. Therefore, almost always trainer file which you download to your computer is detected as harmful. Fortunately, in the majority of cases, it is a false alarm, which means that you should press “Delete” immediately after seeing the warning message. Still, not to get a real virus under the guise of a trainer, make sure to download products only from credible sources and never run the files that look suspicious or have weird extensions.

Are Trainers Paid?

The most commonly asked question about the trainers is whether it is necessary to pay for them. So, the most commonly given answer to this question is “No,” since trainers are developed by certain game fans that share their creations for fun, not for making profits. Still, you are looking for a more sophisticated trainer with lots of additional options and features, then, you may get one from CheatHappens, the site that offers lots of paid programs for you to spice your game experience.


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