How to get Amazon Alexa on Android and iPhone


Amazon Echo Devices are just like a wireless speaker but has lots of advantages over the traditional speakers. Echo Devices comes with the power of Amazon Alexa which acts as a Personal Agent and can make your life much easier. Echo Devices make use of Alexa for their processing and give the results you want from them. You can check live cricket scores, weather report, traffic info and news by just using your voice. Recently, devices such as HTC U11 has brought up support for Amazon Alexa in their handsets. That means you don’t need Echo Devices to make use of Alexa. But ever thought of getting the power of Alexa on your smartphone? In this post, we have listed down a method by which you can get Amazon Amazon Alexa on Android and iPhone.

How to get Amazon Alexa on Android and iPhone

To get the Alexa support on your smartphone you need to download an app called Reverb from Playstore or App store. Reverb can transform your smartphone into a portable Alexa Assistant and can easily interact with your household devices such as switches and lights. 

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Steps to Download and Use Reverb

  • Install the Reverb app from Play Store or App Store.
  • After installation, open the app and complete the registration process where you will be asked to link Reverb to your Amazon account.
  • Tap and Hold the Mic button on the center of the screen so that Amazon Alexa starts listening to your Commands.  While tapping the button, speak the command and leave it after you are done.get Amazon Alexa on Android and iPhone
  • Now you will see that Alexa is processing your command and you will get the desired results within seconds.get Amazon Alexa on Android and iPhone


You can do almost everything with this app as it makes use of power and intelligence of Alexa. You can customize the app settings using the menu option at the top left corner of the screen. Since this app is available for both iOS and Android, there are certain functionalities which are available to only iOS users. We hope the same will be available for Android users with the next updates.

You can make full use of Alexa only if you know all the Alexa commands. For the list of All the Alexa Commands, you may refer our relevant post.

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So, this our post on How to get Amazon Alexa on Android and iPhone. We hope you were able to install the app on your devices and enjoy the Alexa support on your device. However, if you have any problem you may comment down below. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible.


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