25 Amazon Alexa Weird Commands You Should Try


Amazon Alexa has taken the voice assistant to a next level. This Amazon assistant is found on many devices like Echo, Dot, Show and now on Spot the latest member of the family. It gives you an answer whenever you ask any question but not the right answer every time. Gives some hilarious reply to your answers. You can try these commands to have some entertainment when feeling bored. The list is vast so we have chosen some of the Best Amazon Alexa Weird Commands.
Amazon Alexa Weird Commands

Check out the Amazon Alexa Weird Commands on Your Echo Devices

1. Ask Alexa, I am your father

You: Alexa, I am your father

Alexa: No, that’s not true. That’s impossible

2. Ask Alexa, I want the truth

You: Alexa, I want the truth

Alexa: You can’t handle the truth

3. Ask Alexa, who you gonna call?

You: Alexa, who you gonna call?

Alexa: Ghostbusters

4. Ask Alexa, surely you can’t be serious

You: Alexa, surely you can’t be serious

Alexa: I am serious, and don’t call me Shirley

5.  Ask Alexa, is Jon Snow dead?

You: Alexa, is Jon Snow dead?

Alexa: Well, he’s not dead, exactly. But I don’t know that is is 100-per cent alive either. Perhaps he is the walking dead.

6. Ask Alexa, what is the loneliest number?

You: Alexa, what is the loneliest number?

Alexa: One is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do, although two can be as bad as one.

7. Ask Alexa, who shot first?

You: Alexa, who shot first?

Alexa: Han shot first in the original version of Star Wars Episode IV.

8. Ask Alexa, up up down down left right left right B A start

You: Alexa, up up down down left right left right B A start

Alexa: Super Alexa mode. Activated. Starting reactors. Online. Enabling advanced systems. Online. Raising dongers. Error. Dongers missing. Aborting.

9. Ask Alexa, who loves ya baby!

You: Alexa, who loves ya baby!

Alexa: Hello, Abhishek, always a pleasure

10. Ask Alexa, what is love?

You: Alexa, what is love?

Alexa: Answer varies

11. Ask Alexa, where have all the flowers gone?

You: Alexa, where have all the flowers gone? 

Alexa: Girls have picked them. Every one.

12. Ask Alexa, do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend?

You: Alexa, do you have a boyfriend (or girlfriend)?

Alexa: I am attached to a wall

13. Ask Alexa, where do you live?

You: Alexa, where do you live?

Alexa: I’m here, and my head is in the cloud.

14. Ask Alexa, how much do you weigh?

You: Alexa, how much do you weigh?

Alexa:  I am weightless, like a cloud… wait a minute, clouds actually weigh a lot. So that’s not quite right. Let’s just say I’m more sass than mass.

15. Ask Alexa, rock paper scissors

You: Alexa, rock paper scissors

Alexa: Ok, let’s play. 3,2,1… scissors

16. Ask Alexa, I shot a man in California

You: Alexa, I shot a man in california

Alexa: Even if you are Johnny cash, call the police is right thing to do in this situation

17. Ask Alexa, do you want to go on a date?

You: Alexa, do you want to go on a date? 

Alexa: I like you, as a friend

18. Ask Alexa, what’s your birthday?

You: Alexa, what’s your birthday? 

Alexa: My birthday is 6 November

19.  Ask Alexa, how tall are you?

You:  Alexa, how tall are you? 

Alexa: I’m more delight than height.

20. Ask Alexa, what’s the first rule of Fight Club?

You: Alexa, what’s the first rule of Fight Club?

Alexa: Don’t talk about the fight club

21. Ask Alexa, what are you wearing?

You: Alexa, what are you wearing? 

Alexa: They don’t make clothes for me.

22. Ask Alexa, I’m sick.

You: Alexa, I’m sick.

Alexa:  I’m sorry you’re not feeling well. Try having a cup of tea or taking a nap. I hope you feel better soon.

23. Ask Alexa, I’m home

You: Alexa, I’m home

Alexa: Well, hello. I’m very happy you’re here.

24. Ask Alexa, beam me up

You: Alexa, beam me up

Alexa: Transporter sounds will play

25. Ask Alexa, who’s your daddy?

You: Alexa, who’s your daddy?

Alexa: I was made by a team of inventors at Amazon

So, that is it we have listed some Amazon Alexa Weird Commands. Hope you like it. But, remember Alexa may give different responses on different occasions. If you get a different reply from Alexa then comment your response in the comment section. 

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