Best Alexa Games You Should Play in 2020


best alexa games

Amazon’s Alexa is no doubt a spectacular virtual assistant that has taken the world by storm with it’s impeccable features and capabilities. Right from setting alarms and planning your day for you with reminders, to giving you weather and news reports , Alexa has a massively wide range of functionalities. And the entertainment category is no exception either. We all know Alexa can stream music and podcasts, but very few are aware that it is also the best that AI can offer to bring your favorite games to life. That’s right! Alexa also has plenty of thoroughly exciting and fun games to play. Here is our list of the ten best Alexa games that you can play alone or with a whole group of people.

Top 10 Best Alexa Games to play

1. Akinator

best alexa games

This is one of the best Alexa games that is absolutely fascinating and engaging. In Akinator, you start off by thinking of a famous personality. This personality can be any popular person on the planet, real or fictional. Once you have fixed the personality in your mind, Alexa then proceeds to ask you several questions about them, to which you reply with a simple “yes” or “no”. The algorithm behind this game is so incredible that Alexa leaves you stumped almost every time, by guessing the right person with ease. In order to play this game, all you have to say is “Alexa, open Akinator.”

2. Escape The Room

best alexa games

We’ve all heard of this intriguing game at least once, and you’ve probably even played it before in real life. However, not many people are aware that this is one of the best of Alexa games. With a simple command of Alexa, open Escape the room”, you get to be immersed in a spellbinding simulation of an escape room. Alexa provides you with several clues and hints to help you crack the puzzle and escape this insanely life-like “room”. It even has levels to choose from, the easiest being a jail cell and hardest being a car. And for a small fee, you can even enjoy a premium feature, your own personal game master!

3. Would You Rather?

best alexa games

“Would you rather?” is one of the best Alexa games out there. Alexa presents you with comically tough dilemmas like “Would you rather lose your sense of taste or your sense of smell?” This can turn out to be a hilarious game that can quickly liven up any party. All it takes is the command “Alexa, play ‘ Would you rather? ‘” to get started on this amusing game. Not only is this family friendly and delightful for kids, you can also play this by yourself and have just as much fun.

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4. Heads Up!

Heads Up! is another light-hearted, purely entertaining game that gained popularity from The Ellen Show. In this game, Alexa provides you with consecutive clues that will help you guess the right answer, the name of either a movie or a celebrity, depending on which category you pick. The free decks available are “Blockbuster movies”, “Favorite fictional characters” and “Superstars”. This is hands down one of the best Alexa games to play. All you have to say is  “Alexa open Heads Up! and play Superstars.”

5. Fake News Game

best alexa games

When you say “Alexa, open The Fake News Game”, Alexa gives you a few jaw-dropping headlines or news snippets, which you have to judge and decide if they are legitimate or just fake news. It may sound simple at first, but in this wildly unpredictable day and age, can you really tell ? With wacky and ludicrous headlines, this game will surprise you and is definitely worth playing. What’s more is that you can choose to play alone or in multiplayer mode with upto 20 people.

6. Jeopardy!

best alexa games

Have you ever watched a TV game show and guessed all the right answers like a boss? It’s time to whip out those trivia skills at your next party or game night! Just say “Alexa, play Jeopardy!” to start a really fun game of “Jeopardy!” with your friends or family.  In addition to the riveting clues and hints, Alexa also gives you the extra “sixth clue” to make this game better. This is undeniably one of the best Alexa games to play.

7. Twenty Questions

Now, this is another version of the Akinator game, but is just as popular and more common. You have to say  “Alexa, play Twenty Questions”  and think of an object like a fruit or vegetable. Alexa tries to guess the object in 20 questions or less. The range of answers permissible is much wider than the Akinator. You can reply “irrelevant” or “unknown” or even “probably” to Alexa’s questions. There is even a great new “Music” category that spices things up even more. Twenty Questions is interesting to play with your friends and it’s even more interesting to play with Alexa! Definitely one of the best Alexa games to play.

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8. Tic Tac Toe

You may be pretty good at playing this evergreen game, but can you match up to Alexa’s skills ? Say “Alexa, ask Tic Tac Toe for a new game “ to start a captivating game of Tic Tac Toe. You can imagine a  board or draw it on a piece of paper to make it more convenient. You say the positions that you want to choose out loud, like “Upper right” or “Lower left” .  “Tic Tac Toe” is one of the best Alexa games you can play .

9. Amazing Word Master Game

This is one of the simplest, yet most enjoyable games to play. When you say  “Alexa, ask Word Master to play a game” , Alexa starts the game with a word. You have to then say a word that starts with the last letter of the word given by Alexa. The longer your word is, the more points you are awarded. This is the best Alexa game to play if you want to sharpen your vocabulary and give it a quick test.

10. Song Quiz

The concept behind this game is pretty simple, but it is pleasant and interesting to play. When you say “Alexa, play Song Quiz”, Alexa plays a song chosen from a long list of tunes from different decades and several lovely genres. You have to guess the correct title of the song and the name of the artist. This is a cool game that can really crank up the vibe and maybe even take you on a trip down the nostalgia lane.

And there, you have it ! Ten of the best Alexa games that are amazingly fun to play. If you’re looking for ways to break the ice and lighten up an awkward gathering or just spruce up a dinner party to make it even more fun, you have your answer right here . You can check out more fun games here .Have we missed any of the best Alexa games on this list? Do let us know in the comment section below. For more such interesting content, follow!


  1. Very nice summing up of the different features of Alexa and the description of the different games available are very graphic and detailed.
    Only now I came to know that so many games can be played on Alexa. Will definitely try all these games.
    Thanks for your valuable information.

  2. Gonna try this on our Alexa! We’ve had one for a year and didn’t know that little box can do all this. Thank you for the info!


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