10 best PopCorn Time Alternatives

10 Best PopCorn Time Alternatives

Popcorn Time is a multi-platform free software BitTorrent client. It includes an integrated media player which enables the user to stream ample of torrent files immediately and...
Best Websites to download Hollywood movies

Top 15+ Best Websites to Download Hollywood Movies For Free

Watching every other film in theatres is a little too much for our pockets and so is subscribing to every other streaming service like...

10 Best Security Cameras for Home

Best security cameras for home is something we all wanna know. But seldom do bloggers approach this topic. With the increase in chaos, as...
Best Live Sports Streaming Websites

Top 20+ Best Live Sports Streaming Websites for Free

If you are a sports fan then watching live telecast is obvious. But for a working people or a student, it isn't possible everytime to...
Websites to Download PC Games

Top 10 Websites to Download PC Games in 2019

The industry of PC games has always been huge and with the introduction of PUBG, it has grown way more than anyone can ever...
Spotify++ Spotify premium Free

Download Spotify++ to Get Spotify Premium Free on iOS

With over 30 million songs and 140 million monthly active users, Spotify is one of the most popular and best music streaming services available...

10 Best TeamViewer Alternatives Remote Desktop Software

Nowadays Technology has reached a whole new level and here we are referring to another prime example of that. Yes, we are talking about Remote...

7 Best iPhone Launchers for Android and iOS

Let's be honest, the interface of the iPhone is really fluid and smooth with some showy features of course. To every Android user, the...

10 Best VPN extensions for Chrome You Must Try

When we browse anything in chrome, the Google, websites and ISP (internet service provider) keep logs of what we are browsing and can even sell our data to 3rd parties. So, to protect our private data, we need a VPN extension for Chrome. But there are many VPNs available, so I have 10 Best Chrome VPN extension to try in 2019. I have selected the top X VPN extensions for Chrome on the basis of these factors: Security Speed and reliability Features Number of servers Suitable for unblocking and streaming Customer service

7 Best USB Bootable Software for Windows, Linux and MacOS

There was a time when installing an operating system or a rescue software all we had to do was burn the desired software in...

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