Some Top Sites That You Can Use To Help Ease Your Boredom During Quarantine


Now that some time has passed since quarantine measures were enacted and we’ve all
been able to reflect on lockdown life, it’s safe to say it’s pretty boring. We’ve experienced the boredom ourselves and been bombarded with videos of celebrities and friends alike
struggling to keep themselves occupied at home. Worst of all, there’s no set end in sight.
But what can we do to relieve that boredom? We have a world of information and
entertainment at our fingertips with the internet, so what are some of the best websites we
can visit to ease boredom during quarantine?

Top Sites That You Can Use To Help Ease Your Boredom During Quarantine

Sites That You Can Use To Help Ease Your Boredom During Quarantine

1. Online casinos

With all future sporting events out the window, gambling fans are scratching around for ways to entertain themselves under lockdown. Thankfully, betting isn’t the only gambling thrill ride you can experience online, as online casino websites are showing us under quarantine. There are few industries better placed to thrive as people are forced into their homes and online. Even if you’re not playing for money, online casino websites are brilliant for re-creating the risk and thrill of a night in the casino, or the casual atmosphere of your much-missed poker night. From blackjack to roulette, every game you could want to pass the hours with is available, usually with a unique flourish of graphics and video to keep you
Before you put money down and start playing these classic online casino games, make sure
you check a trusted review website such as Online Casinos to find out which have the best
set of games and options.

2. Museum tours

Museum fans may be mourning the closure of all their beloved educational spots, but you
might just be able to experience them better than ever with virtual tours.
Thanks to technology, it is now possible to spend your day at the museum, this time without the annoyance of crowds blocking all the best exhibits. Some of the most famous museums around the world are now offering this service through their websites, giving digital visitors the opportunity to see their favorite works of art or monuments up close and personal from the comfort of their home.
It may not be a perfect replacement for the real thing, but while we’re trapped inside, these official museum websites and Travel and Lesuire provide a unique chance to learn about culture, history, and animals in peace.

3. Geoguessr

So travel may be off the table for a couple of months if not years, but that doesn’t mean your wanderlust has to stay subdued. Geoguessr is the game for those of us who love to see the world. It drops players in a random location and asks them to guess where they are on a map. That’s the whole game, and it’s strangely addictive! Powered by Google Maps, this website is a great way to learn more about the world and test your knowledge of certain places. You only have what you can see around you to help you guess, so you better hope you can decipher foreign road signs and street designs if you don’t get dropped in front of the Eiffel Tower. It might not be the safe as backpacking across the world, but Geoguessr reminds you there’s a beautiful world out there we’ll all get to explore again soon. It may even inspire your next travel destination!

4. Linkedin Learning

You may have used it to find your last position, but LinkedIn is much more than just a job
site. If you have a premium subscription, available for a yearly or monthly fee, you can log into LinkedIn Learning and take part in a series of online courses, designed to help you find better career prospects or develop your knowledge and skill set. These are high-quality courses that range from short content perfect for beginners to more in-depth training that even specialists will get some benefit from. These courses are broken down into a series of paths, so you can choose the learning method that suits you, your schedule, and your knowledge gaps. If you want to come back into the office ready to impress your boss and colleagues, this is a great place to get started.

5.Wiki sites

Everyone (apart from maybe college professors) loves Wikipedia. It’s easy to get lost in a
the rabbit hole of information, jumping from article to article. While you’re in quarantine why not explore the wonderful world of alternative Wikis. There’s a wiki for everything you could imagine. Your favorite TV show, band, or comic book, there’s a good chance there’s a wiki for them somewhere that you can sink hours into researching. This is great for trivia buffs looking to learn as much as you can, or curious fans who want to explore the lesser-known aspects of Star Trek or Shrek.
I won’t lie, this is on the wacky side of lockdown entertainment. But, it speaks to our curiosity as humans, even if it’s just exploring something silly rather than informative and serious. It might even give you some great questions for your next virtual quiz.

Wrapping Up:

The internet is a wild and wonderful place full of information and entertainment. Just
because you’re locked indoors doesn’t mean things have stopped online, in fact,
there’s more content than ever before. Take this time to explore these great websites
and many others.


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