Harness The Magic Of Stop Motion Animation With These Cool Tips


    If you’re bored with the same old format of videos and want your content to stand out from the clutter on the internet, try your luck with stop-motion animation. Stop-motion is the creative shooting technique where each frame of the video is shot individually as photos, and then stitched together to form a motion-animation.  

    Editing a stop-motion video takes very little time and can be done in a single sitting. Using a simple youtube video editor free of cost can also give you impeccable quality considering you shoot the photos precisely.

    Stop Motion Animation

    Mastering stop-motion might take you time, but once you get the hang of the process, it will help you create some of the most distinct-looking content online. Here are ten tips that will bring you one step closer to the Magic Of Stop Motion Animation.

    Stop Motion Animation Cool Tips & Tricks

    1. Know Your Story To The Key

    If we try to define a story in one line, we can call it a script with a start, middle, and an end. Based on the basics of storytelling, you must have these sections narrowed down before you attempt shooting. Without a strong story or a concept, it is impossible to achieve a high-quality stop-motion.  

    2. Make A Storyboard Of Shots

    Once you’ve got your ideas narrowed down and written, go a step further, and create a detailed storyboard for the content. This will help you visualize the entire film and find any missing elements. This storyboard also acts as your guide book when you start clicking photos.

    Some simple concepts might not need a storyboard. In such a case, write down the thoughts or the shots you plan to click; in sequential order. This exercise will help you eliminate one set of props and holders at a time without having to reassemble the setup again.

    3. Use A Sturdy Camera Base

    While there are a few online tutorials that will tell you that you can use a set of books or a shelf to hold your camera or phone, avoid this improvisation. Invest in a good tripod or rent one for the duration of the shoot. Even a small change in the camera position will alter the frame and ruin the whole shoot.

    Additionally, consider using a remote to click the photos. Even a small touch to the camera to click the button can move its position.    

    4. Shoot In Artificial Light

    Shooting in daylight would be the ideal option for any beginner project. However, we possess no control over the movement of the sun and the clouds. 

    The changing light can cause each of your photos to look different. This difference will cause a massive continuity flaw in your photos when stitched into a stop-motion.

    Artificial light could be shooting-lights you rent from a studio or your room/house’s lights. You can add dark-colored paper or cloths to the windows to ensure no outside light affects the setup to be extra cautious. 

    5. Keep Very Little For The Edit Table

    Keep in mind that making videos is about shooting and writing, while editing is just a tool. Editing on a free video editor windows has to offer will take you only a few hours if you leave zero margins for error during the shoot.

    Keep in mind when editing a stop-motion, to do as much of the edit in one sitting. This discipline helps you keep track of continuity and match the storyline.

    6. Shoot A ‘Clear Pass’

    In a stop-motion video, the “Clear pass” is a photo taken without the subject or any other props that hold up the item. 

    A clear pass’s function is to provide a blank background against which the images can be placed. This photo gives you an additional later to better mask-out holders or any other disturbances from the image.

    7. Take A Trial Shot

    Once you reach 10% of your shoot or finish a small-segment of your storyboard, take a break and edit the footage. This practice will help you determine if there are any errors in placement, resolution, lighting, etc. 

    With stop-motion, it is easier to redo a smaller section of the project, then fix eros for a full-length project. Even a ten-seconds segment of your shoot is more than sufficient for this exercise.  

    8. Shoot More; It’s All Right

    Unlike shooting in video mode, shooting photos take up relatively less space and time. This means you can shoot more than one take. The more options you have, the easier it gets to edit these stop-motion videos.

    9. Adhere To A Single Shoot Setup

    Never change your camera settings during the shoot. Like how a variable light source can ruin your whole project, changing a setting on the camera could also cause a significant change in the continuity of the images.

    This also means not changing the background, the artificial lighting, and the time interval between shots. It might sound like stringent parameters, but fixing simple flaws in a stop-motion means correcting and matching hundreds of photos. Caution is better than cure.

    10. Use The Right Music

    Finally, the right music can make all the difference. Pick a music track based on the tone of the video. If you are making a fun and peppy stop-motion, then find music that compliments the mood. 

    In the same way, take time to master the sound design of the video. Sound design is adding additional sound-effects to the video to improve its impact on the audience.

    Final Thoughts

    Planning and patience are the only two factors that can decide a good stop-motion. It helps to watch as many stop-motion videos online before you start shooting. This will help you develop more unique perspectives and understand the intricate details of the technique.  

    As with many other things, it helps to start small and make your way to the more extended project. If you are new to stop-motion, try to make a minute-long video each week until you get the hang of it. 

    Collaborating and seeking help from friends and other film-makers might also ease the stress. Having one person for setup, and one person to shoot will make your shoot very comfortable.


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