Top Website Templates for Gaming Companies


How functional, sleek and damn right awesome your business website is will play a big part in the success and customer enjoyment. This statement could not be more true for smooth operators in the online gambling and gaming industries. Just take a look at mFortune Bingo and similar gaming outfits. They would not be enjoying the success they are today and providing visitors with an outstanding experience if it were not for their well-designed website. There are lots of ways to make a successful website. However, one of the most important is considering the right template. This is what we will be looking at here.

Website Templates for Gaming Companies

What Makes A Good Website template?

Despite there being some industry differences on what makes a good website template, there are three things that all website templates should offer. These are:

  • Simplicity – website visitors can quickly be overloaded with content, and on a gaming website, this is especially true. Keeping things simple helps the mind organize website pages and make them more appealing. For gaming and gambling sites this may also include considering the positioning of bright colors and their contrasts to what is around them.
  • Hierarchy – you should also use a hierarchical system on your website so visitors can understand where they need to go. For example, putting slot machines and card games into separate hierarchical columns would be beneficial. This leads to a website which has easier navigation and retains visitors.
  • Consistency – a template for one page should somewhat resemble templates for other relevant pages. Although content may dictate the template of the page itself, finding some commonalities will improve the aesthetics of the website.

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Template Considerations for Online Gambling

Gambling is enjoyed in any location throughout the world. We’re not just talking about different countries either. From the man waiting for the bus to the woman in her office who is supposed to be working, gambling is played everywhere and on lots of devices. As people log in to their accounts from different devices, you need a website template that responds to different screen sizes to maintain its functions and aesthetics.

Template Considerations for Video Gaming

Having the correct website template doesn’t just ensure gambling can be enjoyed from different locations on different devices. It also enables the speed of the website to improve. This is vital for all websites because speed helps the website score better with search engines and attract more organic visitors. However, it is even more important for video gaming websites because speed plays a key part in the functionality of the website. Without quick loading of detailed graphics, the gaming experience is compromised.

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The Key Takeaways

Website templates are undoubtedly a key consideration when building a website in any domain. They act as the foundations of your website from where the magic can happen.
Making sure you pick the right template is crucial for any business, but maybe none so
much as in the gambling and gaming niches.


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