Some Cool Google Search Tricks You Must Know!!!


Google Search Engine is the most popular search engine in the World and most of us use it every day. However, many few of us know how powerful Google is and how to get best-desired Search results from it.

Here are some Cool Google Search Tricks that will change the way you search.

1. Definitions

How many of you know that you can find Definitions of words on Google?

Just type the word “define” before the word and that all. Google will get the best possible definitions for you. Ex: define computer

google search

2. Search Specific File types on Google

We often come across situations in which we need to download results in specific file formats like .pfd, .docx etc.You can use the filetype: operator in Google Search to limit results to a specific file type. For example, “filetype: pdf robin Sharma” will search for PDF files with the term “Robin Sharma” in them. You can also search for files like “.mp4, mp3, avi etc.”


google search

3. Search by Image

You can also search on Google using Images. You just need to click on the Camera button in the search bar of Google Images and then paste the image/image URL.

google search tips


4. Google translate

Ever came across a situation in which you need to translate a sentence/word into a language you don’t know?

You can use Google Translate to translate words/sentence to almost any language of the world.Just type the words and get the translation done. You can also use “OK Google” to translate your voice to different languages.

google search

5. Google Calculator

You can use Google as a Calculator when you don’t have one.Just search “calculator” and Google will do your calculations. You can also use Scientific calculators over there.

google search

6. Finding LIVE Flight Status on Google

Google can tell you the current Flight status and location. You just need to type the flight number in search-box and google will tell you all the details you want.

google search

7. Search within a Specific Website

You can search within a specific website on Google.  site: lets you search within the given website and not the entire Web. For example, you can type Nokia to list results for Nokia from

google search tips

8. Solve Calculations and Expressions

You can solve your complicated mathematical calculations on Google. You need to type the expressions to get the results. For example  “21% of 50% of 30% of 1000” gives 31.5 as the final result after solving the expression.

google search tips

9. Convert Units, Time zones, and Currencies

You can convert units, time zones, and currencies with the help of Google.  Use the keyword convert followed by your conversion to get the result. For example type “convert 5:30 AM GMT to IST”  to convert the time zone from GMT to IST.

google search tips

10. Pacman Game on Google

We all have played Pacman in our childhood.You can refresh your Childhood memories on google by just typing “Pacman” on Google Search. Yes!! with Google you can play Pac-man online. You can also play more games like this on Google.

google search

11. Finding weather and Movies Nearby you. 

Google can give Weather details of your City.It can also give details about Multiplexes near you and show timings. Just search city name followed by weather/movies. Eg: Pune weather, Pune movies

google search

12. Stocks

Google can give the live status of the stocks you have invested/want to invest in.Type “stock: stock name” and Google will give you the details of that stock. Eg: Stock:tisco.

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