10 Best Websites to Watch Cartoon Online

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Kids are very fond of cartoons. In fact, nowadays it can be observed that teenagers also enjoy watching them. They all are so fond of cartoons that if they miss an episode of their favourite cartoons they try to find it online. The cartoon characters have tremendously increased in the past few years. Due to this fact cartoon and anime movies have gained a lot of popularity, but some of them are not available on TV channels. But this is not such a big problem as online websites are a platform where one can see their favourite cartoons anytime anywhere. This article has the list of top 10 best websites to watch cartoon online. So if you are a big anime or cartoon fan all you have to do is just open the website listed in this article and enjoy a good visual experience.Best websites to watch cartoon online

Best Sites to Watch Cartoon Online for Free

1. Cartoon On

Cartoon On

Cartoon On is one of the best websites to watch cartoon online for free. The website works fine with all kinds of devices such as a smartphone, computer, tablet, iPad etc. It is one of the highly visited sites to watch cartoons online for free. The best feature about this website is that there are no unwanted pop-up ads that show up while the user is streaming the cartoons. This website offers a huge collection of cartoons. It also allows the user to request them with names of cartoons that are not available on their site.

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2. Nick Toons

Nick Toons

With Nick Toons site the user will be able to access all the episodes that they have watched previously and even now can enjoy upcoming new episodes and seasons. It has a large variety of cartoons to select from like Avatar, Jimmy Neutron, SpongeBob Square-Pants, Hey Arnold and many more. With the aid of this website, one can watch cartoons anytime, anywhere. The website provides a good platform to watch Nick cartoon movies online for free.

3. Disney Junior

Disney Junior


Disney Junior is one of the most famous and best websites to watch cartoon online. It is one of the few websites which offers easy to use user interface and allows streaming of anime for free. One can watch all popular Disney cartoons like Micky Mouse, Donald duck etc via this platform. One of the best features about this website is that there are no irritating pop-up advertisements so one can watch their favourite cartoons without any disturbance.

4. ToonJet


This website is meant for the users who are big fans of classic cartoons characters like Popeye the Sailor Man, Looney Tunes or Tom And Jerry. This site provides a hassle-free online streaming of popular cartoon shows and doesn’t require the user to sign up to watch any online video. However, signing up with your account brings some additional features. Toonjet website is responsive and works with all kind of devices.

5. GO GO Anime

Go Go Anime is one of the best sites to watch cartoons online for free and also provides dubbed version of any anime in English. The user can watch anime at the best possible speed without using VPN as the website is available across the globe. They have a huge collection of a variety of cartoons. The video quality is also very good to provide one of the best visual experience on mobile as well as PC.

6. Anime Flavour

Anime Flavor

This is the best option for users who are anime fans as it provides an easy user interface. It provides a wide range of collection and hassle-free streaming of videos online.  Anime Flavour works fine with all devices such as the tablet, PC, and smartphone. The video quality depends on your device as well the website. The user can select any anime of their choice to watch from the sidebar of this site and watch it without any disturbance.

7. Watch Cartoon Online

Watch Cartoon Online

WatchCartoon is recommended to watch anime online as it provides the user with ample choices for the same. The home page of this website consists of a huge directory of multiple anime. The directory includes some of the most famous animated characters such as Teen Titans Go, Uncle Grandpa Season 2, Clarence Episode and many more. There are plenty of cartoon movies that are available too. it gives the user a good visual experience.

8. YouTube


It is one of the most used websites and one of the best websites to watch cartoon online. YouTube is one of the best platforms to upload, download, watch and share all kinds of videos. There are ample online cartoon movies and shows available on this platform. Just type the correct cartoon or movie name in the search bar available and enjoy the content without any disturbance.

9. Hulu


Hulu Watch Cartoon is a legal site where one can watch their favourite cartoon character shows online for free. It provides the user with high-quality videos without any problem. But there is a disadvantage that it is not accessible in all parts of the world excluding countries like the UK, US etc. For this, the user has to use VPN. The Android mobile users must use Droid VPN for the same purpose.

10. Fox on Demand

Fox On DemandFox on demand is the best platform to watch cartoons and anime online. It allows the user to stream videos free of cost. One can find a vast collection of the cartoon as well as anime videos on this website. The interface of Fox on Demand is also clean and well organized which makes it user-friendly. With the aid of this website, the user can enjoy their favourite shows without any disturbance. Due to the above-mentioned features, it makes to our list of best websites to watch cartoon online.

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Wrapping Up

So, that is it we have listed some of the Best websites to watch cartoon online. The list of sites is huge we have selected a few top sites from the list. Hope you like our list. If you have any query/suggestion then do comment in the comment section. We would like to hear from you all.



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