10 Best Free DNS Servers for Faster and Safer Internet


Whenever we access the Internet the two most common things must be taken into consideration is Faster Internet Connection and Secure browsing. We can get rid of security with the use of proxy sites. If you are not aware of proxy site What it is? And how it works then look out our previous article which will definitely give you the idea about it and its importance. Now let’s move towards the DNS Servers. What it is, how it works and which one is the Best Free DNS Servers for Faster and Safer Internet?

Best Free DNS Servers for Faster and Safer Internet

What is DNS Server?

DNS (Domain Name System) is a naming system which translates the domain name to IP address which is required to access the sites via Intenet. ISP (Internet Service Provider) provides default DNS Server whenever you use the Internet. Despite the ISP provides the DNS Server there are instances where you need alternate DNS Servers in certain conditions.

Need for DNS Server

  • If your default DNS Server is slow then it results in slow browsing. Switching to different DNS Server will drastically increase the result.
  • With the use of DNS Servers, you can access the Geographically restricted content with ease.
  • There are a number of users using an outdated OS which results in low security. Using the DNS Servers will add extra security to your system.
  • Protection from phishing attacks.

Let’s move towards the article but before that one thing to take care is that not all the DNS Servers are better than the one you are using. Choose the best one according to your requirement.

Best Free DNS Servers for Faster and Safer Internet

1. Google Public DNS

Google DNS

Google services are always trusted one and nothing different here Google DNS is our first choice. There are millions of users using Google DNS and the reason behind is the lightning speed, reliability. It is launched in the year 2009 with additional security features. If you want to use Google DNS then you have to change the IP address to and There is a support for IPv6 so accordingly change your IP address. Additional features like finding closest servers, prevention from DOS attack, optimize internet speed and lot more available.

2. OpenDNS


When it comes to selecting best DNS servers OpenDNS is among the top in the list. It was discovered in 2005 and offers free services like blockage of malware sites, web-filtering for blocking the sites, optimized speed, no downtime, and most importantly you will get the email support if faces any problem. Mainly there are two types/versions of OpenDNS that you can use for Personal and Business use. Most of the organizations use the OpenDNS due to its flexibility and low costing ($20/year). Two IP addresses and are used for enabling OpenDNS.

3. Norton ConnectSafe

Norton ConnectSafe

Norton ConnectSafe is one of the best DNS designed for enhanced security to the users. Provides the different level of security which is the first one from malware, phishing, and scams. Second and third one from security and pornography respectively. You can use a different IP address for a particular purpose. You can use Norton ConnectSafe in both the system and the routers. Using the Norton ConnectSafe in the router will provide protection for all the devices connected to that network.

4. Level3 DNS

Level3 DNS is a high performance trusted third party DNS. When compared to GoogleDNS and OpenDNS it is not a huge name in the DNS arena but an effective one. A network-based service provider which requires higher hardware requirement for better performance. This is the reason why the users having top hardware uses Level3 DNS for the best experience. To use Level3 DNS you can switch to, and IP addresses.


Another third-party DNS server which allows you to access the uncensored internet without paying any money. DNS.WATCH provides uninterrupted service along with the fast connection to the Internet. You can use it on any kind of system like Mac, Linux, Windows-based and more. DNS.WATCH IP addresses are and

6. Comodo Secure DNS

One of the most powerful DNS Servers with multiple layers of security which doesn’t allow you to visit the sites which are vulnerable to malware. Comodo Secure DNS select the best server depending on the location from where you are accessing. A combination of performance, security, and reliability. The highlighting feature of the Server is security. If you are looking to switch to Comodo Secure DNS server then you have to change the IP address to and

7. Quad9

A relatively new DNS Server which provides free DNS Service since 2016. The server blocks the malicious site on the basis of privately generated data as well as publicly collected data. When compared to other DNS servers like OpenDNS, Cloudflare it lags a bit but better than Comodo and Norton. The primary DNS server is and the secondary one is

8. FreeDNS

A location-based DNS Server if you are from Spain, Netherland, Germany, Serbia or say from Europe then FreeDNS is a good choice. There is no logging requirements, absolutely free and no DNS redirects on the server. IP addresses are and

9. Cloudflare

A very well known brand for the content delivery network which is providing public DNS service. Cloudflare provides different services like SSL certificate, CDN and more. The Primary and secondary DNS servers are and The relatively limited feature like with no anti-phishing, no ad-blocking, no content filtering. But a great prospect is its privacy that Cloudflare provides they say that they won’t be using your browser data for ad serving. If any kind of data used that will be deleted within 24 hrs. The site provides the setup procedure for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, and routers.

10. OpenNIC DNS

One of the fastest and freely available DNS Server which allows you to browse smoothly any corner of World wide web. Provides some additional features like ISP DNS Hijacking and support for new TLDs. OpenNIC DNS has spread server which gives you the choices to choose the best server from the available options on the basis of your location.

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Wrapping Up

So, that was our list of Best Free DNS Servers for Faster and Safer Internet. Selecting the DNS Servers depends on the location and your specific requirement. There are many other DNS Servers available as well but we have selected few best ones for you. If you think that any other DNS Server should be in the list then do comment in the comment section we will update the list accordingly.


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