List of Best Alexa Commands to Control Amazon Echo


You all must be aware of Amazon Voice Assistant Alexa which is ruling the market. Amazon launched three devices Echo, Dot, and Tap to interact with their assistant. Many of you may already own the device but didn’t know how to use it efficiently and some of them were planning to buy it. Then you are at the right place as the list of commands is very large and increasing day by day. So, we have created the List of Best Alexa Commands to control your Amazon Assistant.

Best Alexa Commands

Here’s the List of Best Alexa Commands:

There is vast no of commands in the list but with these commands, you will definitely able to use the Amazon Assistant more perfectly. Best Alexa Commands are below. Go through it you will surely like it.

Basic Commands for Alexa

1. “Alexa Help” – Help from Alexa.

2. “Alexa mute” & “Alexa unmute” – To Mute and Unmute the Alexa.

3. “Alexa stop” – To stop or pause the Alexa.

4.  “Alexa set the volume to 5” & “Alexa louder” & “Alexa turn up/down the volume.” – To Change the volume of the Alexa accordingly.

5. “Alexa Pair” – To pair a Bluetooth device.

6. “Alexa disconnect my phone” – To unpair a Bluetooth device.

7. “Alexa connect my phone_name” – To pair a Bluetooth device already paired.

Show Commands the newly addition

8. “Alexa what can you show me” – What Echo Show can display for you.

9. “Alexa show me the trailer for movie-name” – Show trailer for the movie you will name.

10. “Alexa show my photos” – Will show you the Photos.

11. “Alexa show me movie showtimes” – Will show you the show times.

12. “Alexa show me travel videos on YouTube” – Will show you the YouTube videos.

Time and Date Commands

13. “Alexa set an alarm for 6 a.m” – Will set the alarm for 6 a.m.

14. “Alexa set a timer for 15 minutes” – Set the timer for 15 minutes.

15. “Alexa, what time is it?” – Says the time.

16. “Alexa what’s the date” – Says Date.

17. “Alexa when is [holiday] this year” – To the date for the holiday.

Media controlling commands

18. “Alexa play some music” – Playing the music.

19. “Alexa play that song that goes [some_lines]” – plays the music that you want.

20. “Alexa play the song of the day” – Plays the song of the day.

21. “Alexa play [title] on Audible” – Plays an audiobook at an audible sound.

22. “Alexa read me my Kindle book.” – Reads the Kindle book.

23. “Alexa what’s playing?.” – Info of playing song.

24. “Alexa next” – Next song on the list.

25. “Alexa restart.” – restart the song again.

26. “Alexa add this song” – Adds the song to the library.

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Commands to Call and Message

27. “Alexa call [name_to_call]” – Calls to another echo user.

28. “Alexa answer” – Answers to a call.

29. “Alexa end the call” – End a call.

30. “Alexa play messages” – Plays the message.

To-do and Shopping lists

31. “Alexa create a to-do” – Create a to-do item list.

32. “Alexa, what’s on my calendar for tomorrow?” – Check events on the calendar.

33. “Alexa add bread to my shopping list” – Create a shopping list.

34. “Alexa reminder” – Create a reminder.

35. “Alexa, what’s on my shopping list?” – Check the shopping list.

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News and weather commands

36. “Alexa, what’s in the news” – News.

37. “Alexa, what’s the weather like” – Check the weather.


38. “Alexa, how many [units] are in [units]” – Convert in units.

39. “Alexa, what’s 8 minus 7” – Simple mathematics. Similarly other calculations.

40. “Alexa, 100 factorial” – Some complex mathematics.

To check definition and spellings

41. “Alexa, what’s the definition of [word]” – check the definition of the word.

42. “Alexa, how do you spell [word]” – Spell the word.

Translation and Searching Commands

43. “Alexa, Wikipedia: [subject]” – Wikipedia Info.

44. “Alexa, how many people live in India” – Question asked.

45. “Alexa, translate good morning to Chinese” – Translation from one language to another.

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Wrapping Up

So, we have listed some of the Best Alexa Commands to Control Amazon Echo. Do comment in the comment section if you face any difficulty using the commands. Even comment some commands that we didn’t list which is useful. Your suggestion is precious to us.


  1. Awesome list! Thanks so much for compiling this. For users seeking more ideas, there’s an even more expansive, filter-able list of Alexa commands


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