15 Best Amazon Echo Accessories You Should Buy


Amazon’s Alexa has revolutionized the World of voice assistant to a whole new level. And their prime example is their smart speakers which are becoming widely popular day by day. They come in different variants such as  Amazon Echo, Dot, Tap, Show and most recent addition is Spot. That is just the beginning of accessories you can make your device even more useful by spending few bucks on some wonderful accessories. So, we are going to list some of the Best Amazon Echo accessories you will surely love to buy.

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These devices will help you to hang your device anywhere, increase sound quality, make device portable easily and more cool kinds of stuff. See the list and select your choice accordingly.

1. Aobelieve Acrylic Speaker Stand for Alexa Amazon Echo and Echo Plus

If you don’t like the design of Amazon Echo and Echo plus then Aobelieve Acrylic Speaker Stand will simply make your look much better. Along with that it keeps Echo bit safer from the child and has remote holder space as well. And if you are thinking that it will affect the sound quality then you are wrong it won’t affect the sound quality. Available on

2. Amazon Echo Dot Case Charcoal Fabric

Echo Dot have pretty simple in design so if you want to give it charming look then you can try Echo Dot Case Charcoal Fabric. Along with the look, it also protects your dot from accidental damages. Available in six colors on Amazon.

3. Alexa Voice Remote for Amazon Echo and Echo Dot

Alexa Voice Remote is very handy to control your Echo when you are at distant. You can connect Echo dot and Echo via Bluetooth. Remote has some dedicate buttons like Vol up, down, play/pause, next and previous. And most importantly if you have multiple Echo then also it works at same time. Available on Amazon.

 4. Screen protector for Echo Show

If you don’t like screen protector then it is fine. But more than liking here you have to think about the protection of your Echo Show. As we all know that Show device is a bit expensive as compared to other less expensive Alexa device. So to protect your Echo Show you can buy a Screen protector from Amazon.

5. Wall hanger for Echo Dot

Many of you want to hang your Echo Dot on the Wall. You all use some way to hang it but you have a better option that is  Matone Outlet Wall Mount Hanger Stand for Dot. It is very easy to install no drilling type of stuff requires. Designed in such a way that volume of the speaker won’t get affected. Available on Amazon at $10.99.

6. VAUX cordless speaker for Echo Dot

Echo Dot is a Great device but when you require more sound then you have to look for an option. Then comes VAUX cordless speaker which has loud sound with better quality. Have 6 hours of portable runtime with battery and charging can be done with micro USB cable. Price of the product varies from $40-$50. See it on Amazon.

7. ECHOGEAR Outlet Shelf

You can easily place ECHOGEAR Outlet Shelf in the middle of your room and control your Echo device. Can keep all the echo devices and other devices 10 lbs. Installation is pretty simple and more importantly won’t get twisted easily. Available on Amazon at $15 only.

8. Dottie – Plug-in Mount – Amazon Echo Dot

 You can say Dottie plug-in is one of the best for Echo Dot. Have AC adapter inbuilt with a USB cable in it. Most importantly this Dottie doesn’t block the lower/upper outlet in a duplex. No installation is required just attach the Dot in Dottie and Plug it. You can buy it from Amazon at $20.

9. Sanus Wall Mount for Amazon Echo Dot

Sanus is known for its TV speaker stands and mounts. But they also have some cool accessories for Amazon Echo. One such cool accessories are Sanus Wall Mount which is available in two colors white and black on Amazon. Fits anywhere on the Wall easily and have a strong grip which doesn’t let your Echo Dot fall. You can easily move it by pulling 3M Command strips tab and reinstall at the new location.

10. Wasserstein  Battery for Echo Dot

This one is cool with a combo of dock and battery. If you want your echo doesn’t run out of power then this one is very good with 10-12 hrs of backup along with the battery can protect your Echo. Buttons are in front so if you know that won’t be using Echo for some time then can easily power off to extend the battery life of the product. Available on different variants on Amazon.

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11. Fremo Evo – an intelligent Battery Base for 2nd Generation Echo Dot

Alternative for Wasserstein Battery for Echo Dot. But we will recommend you to choose Wasserstein Battery for Dot as design wise and functionality wise. 5200Mah top tier Cell can give backup of up to 6 hrs which is less when compared to 7000mah 10-12 hrs. Available on Amazon at $25.

12. Echo Accessory Bumper For Alexa (Black) – Enhances Stability & Eliminates Roll 

If you have Amazon Echo and Echo plus then you must be aware of the fact that device is long enough to fall. So, Bumper is a good choice for its protection. Available on Amazon at $10 only so this is a cheap deal for your Echo.

13. Amazon Tap Silicone sling

Amazon Tap Silicone sling is quite handy to protect your Echo Tap from bumps. Have custom fit design and can be hung anywhere. You can say a bit expensive but available in different colors on Amazon.

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14. Wasserstein Portable Charging Base for Echo

Similar to Wasserstein’s Battery for the Echo Dot there is a power button in the front of the base to turn the 9,000 mAh battery on and off Along with that there are four LEDs to show the battery level. Strong magnets at the base of the Echo which is helpful in carrying it anywhere. It is better to put the bumper along with the Wasserstein Portable Charging Base. Available on Amazon at $30 in white color only.

15. Wasserstein Wall Mount for Amazon Echo

Best Amazon Echo accessories

It can mount your Echo on the Wall with an angle which makes it volume control and buttons ring easier. Along with the Wasserstein Wall Mount, you will get UE Boom, 5 screws, 5 wall plugs to attach the Wall mount to the Wall. Available on Amazon in white and black colors.

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Wrap Up:

So that is it we have listed 15 Best Amazon Echo accessories that you can buy for your Echo devices. do comment in the comment section that which accessories you liked the most and for what reason. We would like to hear from you.


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