List of Best Amazon Echo Compatible Smart Devices


Well, you all must be aware of Alexa how this voice recognition ruled the market since its introduction from Amazon in 2014. Due to increase in the use of Amazon Echo many Tech company wants to integrate Alexa into their devices. Imagine you are tired don’t want to do anything only instruct someone. Then comes the Amazon Echo Compatible Smart Devices. Amazon already built some devices which are compatible with Alexa. But other third-party companies also want to join the market. The list of products compatible with Alexa is increasing day by day there is no end. So, we have created List of Best Amazon Echo Compatible Smart Devices.

Here’s the list of Best Amazon Echo Compatible Smart Devices

# Alexa Devices

Echo is Amazon flagship device for Alexa. There are several Alexa device available which you can buy. These devices have smart Speaker which can do many smart works.

# Amazon Echo Dot

First one and smallest Alexa device by Amazon. Echo dot is cheap compared to Echo and Echo Plus. But of course, have fewer features. If you have less budget then you can go for it.

# Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is best one in the market and in mid-range. It can control smart home products, play music from your phone, Amazon Prime, and even order products from Amazon just by listening to your voice. Alexa Compatible Smart Devices can be controlled using Amazon echo easily.

# Amazon Echo Plus

It is the newest addition to Echo devices. Echo Plus looks to be a massively upgraded version of their flagship Echo device. It features the same design as of Amazon echo, but have a silver variant, in addition to white and black which is also available.

# Amazon Echo Show

One of the newest additions to the Echo family, the Echo Show have a touchscreen and camera, in addition to the smart speaker, which is very useful for you to make video calls, view security camera, watch Amazon Prime Video and other videos, buy things from Amazon and more.

# Amazon Echo Spot

The newly announced Echo Spot is the combination of the Echo Show and Dot. The Echo Spot allows you to make video calls to other Alexa Show and Spot owners, view weather updates, news briefings, and skills like alarms and timers. It’s small enough and can fit anywhere in the room, and features built-in Bluetooth. Have its own speaker and an audio-out to attach an external speaker to it.

# Amazon Fire TV

Doesn’t have the same features as compared to Alexa on the Echo, but still can control smart home products. You need to have your TV on and speak to Alexa through the Fire TV Remote.  Not always in listening mode but good if you have some privacy issue.

# Phillips Hue Light Bulb

Extremely popular and compatible with dozens of apps. Best smart bulbs when you have less budget have many variants available on Amazon. White and colored bulbs are available. Have single and pack of 2 products.

# Philips Friends of Hue 120-Lumen 8W Bloom

Part of the Friends of Hue lighting line, this color-changing bloom is another light which is very effective you can place in your home. The only problem is that it lacks a built-in battery.

# TP-Link Smart LED Light Bulb

Unlike many of the companies above that stick with bulbs, TP-Link also has smart outlets and switches. But,  you need a Hue Bridge to take most out of this light has to offer, including the ability to control it with Alexa.

# Haiku Home L Series WiFi Enabled Fan

The Haiku Home L Series WiFi Enabled Fan is an Energy Star certified connected fan. The fan comes with a built-in LED light with 16 different brightness settings in it.  The users can use to control the fan even when they are not home using the apps.

# Belkin WeMo Light Switch

If you want a simple on/off switch that works with Alexa, then Belkin WeMo Light Switch is the right choice.

# Lutron Caseta Wireless In-Wall Dimmer

Lutron’s wireless lighting system provides more smart-home perks than any other, including the ability to group the devices and control them with the sound of your voice.

# Samsung SmartThings HubSamsung SmartThings Hub offers one of the smartest home environment in the market. With Alexa integrated in it, you can control any compatible device on/off state.

# Netgear Arlo Security Cameras

Thanks to the Echo Show, you can view live camera. Netgear is one of the first manufacturers to offer Alexa enable camera.

# Ring Video Doorbells and Security Cameras

# SkyBell HD – The best smart doorbell camera

# August Smart Lock

August Smart Lock integrates with Alexa in a unique way. It is the only smart lock that you can lock with Alexa (unlocking is available to all Alexa-compatible smart locks). To provide safety it features that require you to tell Alexa a special PIN code.

# Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock 

The stylish Kevo lock asks for a  PIN code when paired with Alexa.

# Nest Learning Thermostat

This was undoubtedly one of the best thermostats after Alexa integrations, spawning numerous IFTTT integrations.

# Honeywell Total Connect Comfort Thermostats

Best Amazon Echo Compatible Smart Devices

The Lyric thermostat, Honeywell Total Connect Comfort thermostats is feature rich, but the large focus is on scheduling. And thanks to an official integration with SmartThings, they can now be controlled by Alexa.

Smart Plug, Light story Alexa Plug Outlet Compatible with Alexa Echo and Google Home. 

This smart plug supports both Alexa and Google Assistant voice control. Turn the electronics equipment on/off from anywhere with the help of mobile devices. Create on/off schedules, timers, and countdowns.

Element Classic by Sengled – 1 Pack – A19 60W Equiv. Soft White (2700K) Smart LED Bulb

One of the cheapest smart bulb you will get Alexa supported. It turns light ON/OFF, dim level, scheduling with the help of iOS/Android require element hub. Connects with Echo, Wink hubs and many more smart devices easily. Have worth buying it.

WiFi Smart Power Strip Surge Protector

Require multiple outlet and hub then go for this Smart power strip. No hub require, just connect it to the wall outlet. Some key features are overload protection, support surge protection, effective absorption. Safety Approved product  (ETL and FCC certificate). Have 4 outlets and 4 USB charging port which can be controlled together.

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Wrapping Up:

So, that was our list of some of the Best Amazon Echo Compatible Smart Devices. The list of devices is huge if we have missed any of the devices. Then, do comment in the comment section we will update our list accordingly.


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