5 Best Personal Assistant Apps for Android


Would you like to make your Android smartphone even more powerful than it already is? Then you might want to have some of the Best Personal Assistant Apps, especially one powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Personal assistance apps are the virtual assistant that can help you to do all the task you do on your Android. Here, I’m going to share with you the Best Personal Assistant Apps for Android.

As a virtual assistant, these apps have the ability to do almost everything like making calls for you, sending SMS on your behalf, answering your questions, providing weather forecast, latest news, setting an alarm and many more. You can take advantage of the best assistant apps for android. Let’s get started towards your personal assistant apps.

1. Google Assistant

Google AssistantGoogle Assistant

Google Assistant is undoubtedly one of the Best Personal Assistant Apps you can get for the Android phone. This app is free and even you don’t have to download the app if Google Play services are turned on. The app is aimed at providing you with the information. The app collects the data on how you use your smartphone and then displays the information. It can even help you to plan your schedules for the day, set alarms, talk back to you and many more.


AIVC aivc

If you want something standard, yet super functional, then you should go with AIVC. This app isn’t as smooth as the other apps on the list but it provides you plenty of power. You can use this to start other apps, set notifications, and timers, and can even solve simple math problems. You can also use this assistant app to check out how stocks are doing if you’re into a business. Apart from these cool features, AIVC also allows you to do the basic functionalities of a Personal Assistant like calling, sending text messages and translation of simple sentences.

3. Cortana


Cortana Cortana

Some of the people are unable to use Microsoft Cortana, but the app isn’t as bad as people say about it. Indeed, if you are familiar with Windows 10, you might find Cortana an easy app to use for your Android phone. Cortana comes with many handy functions, and it is one of the best assistant apps.

With the help of Cortana, you can search for information and also it allows you to manage your day. You can schedule your meetings and Cortana will help you in performing those planned events. You can also deal with packages and can send text messages with the use of this app. Perhaps one of the biggest problems is that you need to have a Microsoft account to use it. However, the app is free to use.

4. Hound

Hound Hound

Hound is the perfect app by SoundHound. You can even use the assistant without clicking a thing – this app is voice activated, as you say “OK Hound”. One of the great thing about Hound is that it uses natural language. You don’t need to have to form the perfect questions to use this. In most of the cases, the app will understand your natural speech.

By using this app, you can send text messages or can make phone calls. You can also make searches on the Internet by asking questions. For example, if you are getting bored, you could ask where the nearest visiting place is located. You can also order your OLA ride with it. This app requires GPS access, and it is free to use.

5. Lyra Virtual Assistant

Lyra Virtual Assistant was known as Indigo Virtual Assistant before, but now with the new name “Lyra” and with new features, it’s already got a lot of attention. When we’re talking here about personal artificial intelligent assistants, Lyra is one of the most amazing assistants. It’s a great assistant if you want someone to be always at your side, to help you in completing your tasks. Talking to Lyra assistant feels like talking to a human.

lyra lyra

You can talk with Lyra about anything, Lyra will understand. Like, you can tell to play videos, set an alarm, open Maps, search the web, etc. Sometimes, it might even give you its personal opinion. It’s pretty sure, you’ll like Lyra as your personal assistant either you’re at home, office, or on the go.

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Wrapping up

So these are some of the best personal assistance apps for android. There are many more assistant apps available for your android devices, but here have discussed some of the best personal assistant apps. So, choose your personal assistant now and make your life easier than before.

If you’ve any questions regarding this article, feel free to ask and do comment down in the comment section. We would always love to hear back from you.


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