6 Best Games Like Overwatch You Should Play


There are various online multiplayer first-person shooter Games Like Overwatch. These games are designed such as the players are entertained as well as learn the importance of working in a team. There are many multiplayer games online. This article contains the list of best games like Overwatch that you can play and enjoy to your fullest.


Overwatch is a multiplayer first-person shooter game, that allows users to play in a team. The team can be a group of your own friends or random users online while you are playing the game. The game was released on May 24, 2016, by Blizzard Entertainment. This game is available for PS4, Xbox One, and Windows.



Players are divided into two teams of six persons and they have to battle with each other. They have to use one hero from the provided 20. Each o the hero have their unique specifications and their roles are divided into four categories namely – Offense, Defense, Tank, and Support. Players in the team need to work together and secure as well as defend control points on the map or escort the play load from one side to another. Payload moves when the player of the respective team is near it and when it is left unattended the payload starts moving backward.

Best Games Like Overwatch

There are many multiplayer first-person shooter games available just like Overwatch. Each game has its own unique specifications. Here is the list of few other best games that most probably will drag your interests and make you forget about Overwatch for a while.

1. World of Warcraft

World of Wildcraft also known as WoW is developed by Blizzard Entertainment and was released in 2004. The main ingredients of the game and also the presence of combat and shooting makes this game worth playing and more like Overwatch.

world of warcraft


The game belongs to the fantasy universe of Warcraft where players are supposed to complete the tasks provided and while doing so they have to fight monsters, complete quests and other tasks, and much more. This game is based on the world of Azeroth. In the game, the player is supposed to create an avatar first, which he can control as a first person as well as the third person too.

Availability and Compatibility

You need to buy the subscription to the game first as it’s not available for free. It is compatible with Windows as well as iOS.

2. Paladins: Champions of the Realm

Paladins is a free first-person shooting game developed by Hi-Rez Studios. This game was released in 2016. This game is all about combat and shooting. What makes it different from games lie Overwatch is that it is free of cost.



In this game, the player is supposed to choose a champion from the given option. The champions are divided into four categories, such as Support, Defense, Front Line and Flank.Each champion has its own unique ability that is activated time to time while playing. The one can access the champion after buying it with the coins they earned while playing. The champions can be upgraded by unlocking cards.

The game is played within two teams and each team consists of 5 members. The game can be played in various formats such as Survival, Onslaught, Siege, Payload, test maps and much more. There are a variety of maps in the game and you can select any of them. You can also voice chat and even text other players too.

Availability and Compatibility

You can download this game for free. This game is compatible with Windows, iOS, Xbox, and PlayStation 4.

3. Warframe

Warfare is considered the best substitute for the Overwatch. This game is developed by Digital Extremes and it was released in 2013. In this game, the player is supposed to play at the realm with the ancient warriors of Tenno race.



In this game, players are provided with the warrior of Tenno race. These warriors have to fight with warriors of other race called Grinner. The game is a mixture of modern combat technology and ancient war techniques. The Genno are the artificial humans developed with blood, metal, and war.

The players are provided with two combat options. One is player vs environment and the other one is player vs player. The players are provided with different quest and missions. Each mission has a different story

Availability and Compatibility

This game is compatible with Windows and iOS.

4. Dirty Bomb

Dirty Bomb is a first-person shooting game developed by Splash Damage. This game was first called as Extraction and later developers changed its name to Dirty Bomb. Just like the rest of the games this game is based on shooting and combat.

Dirty Bomb


The players are supposed to choose between the two teams. One team is Jackal and other teams name is CDA. This game is based on the scene after a surgical strike in London. In this game, players fight in a team and as it is a time-based game they have to look at the clock too. The game comes with two modes, Objectives and Stopwatch. You can choose any of the modes as per your desire.

Availability and Compatibility

The game is available for free and is only compatible with Windows.

5. Team Fortress 2

Like all other mentioned games Team Fortress 2 is also a multiplayer game. This game is published and developed by Valve Corporation in 2007. This game consists of both play modes, a single player as well as multiplayer.Team Fortress 2


The game provides players with the option of nine champions from which player have to choose one. As a game is combat type so players have to fight with other competitors or team, based on the game mode they selected.

There are total 100 maps provided, from which you can select any one. The champions are also provided with various armors, skills and other unique specifications too.

Availability and Compatibility

This game is available to you after you buy the subscription for it. This game is compatible with Windows, Linux, iOS, and PlayStation as well.

6. Battleborn

Battleborn is developed by Gearbox and published by 2K games. This game holds the 6th position in our “Best Games Like Overwatch” list. This game is played in a multiplayer mode in online battle arenas. Thi game launched in 2016 and was well recognized as one of the best online shooting games.

Best Games Like Overwatch


The players are provided with various classes of heroes. Each hero has its own unique ability and has their own abilities and disabilities too. This game was based on levels, i.e. players have to start with the level 1 and move on to higher levels.

There are various mods and many in-game purchases are also available for the players. The players can look for various skins and mods there.

Availability and Compatibility

You need to buy a subscription to the game first. This game is compatible with Windows and Xbox.

Wrap Up:

So, that is our list of Best Games Like Overwatch to Play. Hope you like the list. If you have any query/suggestion then do comment in the comment section. We will replay as soon as possible.

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