10 Best Windows 10 Themes You should Try!


We love to customize our Themes and Styles, and it’s also the same case for our Windows-based Laptop/Desktop. But. after the launch of its latest and most popular Operating System Windows 10, Microsoft’s new security protocol is very strict at theme installation from third-party sources. There are tons of themes available on the web, thus choosing the one for your Computer becomes difficult. In this post, we have listed some of the Best Windows 10 Themes that you must try to improve and customize your user experience.

1. Ubuntu SkinPack

Ubuntu SkinPack

Many of you must have used Ubuntu Operating System and loved it’s simple and easy to use interface. If you want to have the Ubuntu-like UI on your Windows-based computer, then you must try Ubuntu SkinPack.

Download from here.

2. MacOS High Sierra SkinPack

MacOS High Sierra SkinPack

This is for all the Apple lovers who want Mac-like interface on their Windows-based computer. MacOS High Sierra SkinPack makes your desktop look like MacBook and you can enjoy the cool interface in 4 different versions of MacOS SkinPack: Fark version, Glass version, Black version and Black Glass version.

Download from here.

3. StartIsBack


This is for those who loved the traditional Windows Start Menu and miss it in latest Windows 10. StartIsBack brings Windows 7 cool interface with some snappy features that are missing in Windows 10. Download this theme pack and get back your old Windows 7 appearances on Windows 8/10.

Download from here.

4. Ades Theme

 Ades Theme

This is a dark theme that comes with different shades of grey and black. Ades Theme is simple and yet beautiful on your eyes. Download this theme and prevent your eyes from the harmful Blue light coming out of your Computer Screen. 

Download from here.

5. Penumbra 10

Penumbra 10

Download from here

6. Oxford


Download from here.

7. HastPy


Download from here.

8. Diversityx VS

Diversityx VS

Download from here.

9. Dark Blue

Dark Blue

Download from here.

10. FFoX theme

FFoX theme

Download from here.

So, these were some of the Best Windows 10 Themes that you can try on your Windows 10 Computer. Although, many people prefer original Windows 10 theme over these from third party sources. But, you can always try something new and install these cool themes to experience something different on your Computer.


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