6 Apps Which Will Save Your Mobile Data

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None of us can stay longer without internet these days. However, there is a limit set on our data consumption. You don’t need to think about data consumption whenever you are on a Wi-Fi connection but it is a problem when you are on mobile data because it is usually limited.

Social networking sites consume most of your data and battery as well. So, here are some alternatives that you may implement in order to save your data.

1. Facebook Lite

There is an alternative to Facebook app to reduce your data consumption which is Facebook Lite app.
Facebook always auto loads videos and ads which result in battery and data consumption. This app uses less data by default as it won’t load videos unless you ask it to. This app also works in slower connections, which the original app doesn’t.

2. Messenger Lite

Mobile dataFacebook Messenger also comes with a Lite version now. It has almost all important features of Messenger’s app. It saves your battery and as well as data.
Messenger Lite looks and works like the original Messenger app. Text chats work the same wherein you can attach any image, too.

The missing feature in Messenger Lite is video and audio calling. You may use the main messenger for both of these

3. Skype Lite

Mobile dataThose who use Skype often for international video calls know how much data it consumes. You can switch to Skype Lite to avoid heavy use of your data.

Skype Lite reduces data consumption. You can still make free video or voice calls with this app and it uses less data than the original Skype app. Also, it even works with low network connectivity.

4. YouTube GoMobile data

Apart from browsers, one of the apps that consumes up tons of data is YouTube. To counter that, the company launched a lighter version: YouTube Go.

You can set yourself how many megabytes it can use in this app’s settings and hence, you have full control. You can also line up videos to download on Wi-Fi later to save your data costs. And you can set the quality of videos so that you never consume more data in streaming.

5. Instagram

Instagram is one of the best photo-sharing apps. But it consumes most of your data because it preloads new photos from your timeline, even if you aren’t using the app right then. But, luckily, it can be disabled by a simple step.
Mobile data


In the Instagram app, go to Profile > Options > Cellular Data Use and switch to Use Less Data
Some of the benefits of turning Use Less data are that videos will now play only when you tap on them, not automatically. And photos are of a lower quality.
These settings can be enabled only when you’re on mobile data.

6. Snapchat

Snapchat also keeps preloading stuff even when you aren’t using the app. Not only it consumes data but kills your battery, as well. But you can change that with Snapchat’s Travel Mode.
Mobile dataGo to Profile > Settings > Additional Services > Manage Preferences > Travel Mode and turn it on.
Now, you will need to tap on snaps to load them and view them whenever you are on mobile data. It helps in reducing data consumption and also gives you control to decide what to view and what not.


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