Top Smart Health Monitoring System for Animals


Animal health monitoring system predicts animal-related diseases. As a result, through the system, the animal owner can already know about the health of the animals and can protect them from getting sick. In this article, we have tried to provide detailed information about health monitoring system so that you may help your pet. It will be like an indoor rabbit hutch, so will be watching them 24X7. We have included the top smart animal health monitoring system in this article, continue readingSmart Health Monitoring System for AnimalsAnimal health monitoring system is playing a significant role in animal healthcare. There are 4 modules in the health monitoring system including sensors, microcontroller, database, and user. The sensors are mounted into the animal’s body because they collect the data about animals health. After collecting the data, the data is transmitted to the microcontroller. The process takes place and then the user gets complete information about animal health. If any changes are found in the health condition of the animal, it instantly alerts you through the mobile phone so that you may improve animal health. Animal health monitoring system is completely automated, it does not require any kind of human intervention. It provides you with information about the health status of the animal from a remote location. With the help of the health monitoring system, body temperature, heart rate, and postures of the animals can be monitored. Thus, the health monitoring system has proved to be helpful in protecting animals from getting sick. In this article, we have included the top 4 smart health monitoring system for providing direct information about the animal’s health condition.

Best Smart Health Monitoring System for Animals

1.PetPace Smart Collar

If you want to keep your rabbit healthy, PetPace Smart Collar is one of the best health monitoring systems which track the overall health of your pet. It is a non-invasive wireless collar that can monitor your animal’s body temperature, activity, pulse, respiration, positions, calories consumed and burned, and heart-rate variations. If your pet is supposed to deal with any type of health problem, it warns you in advance. It collects the data and transmits it to innovative Health Monitoring Service in 2 to 30 minutes and it immediately informs you if any type of health disorder is detected. Because of the lightweight, your pet such as dogs, cats, and rabbits can wear it comfortably for a long time. This health monitoring system works with a Gateway that keeps you and your veterinarian up-to-date on your pet’s health condition.


Thermistor works as a resistant which uses the sensor to regulate the cold and heat. Thermistor has proven to be important in monitoring animal body temperature. It is a non-invasive and automated system for monitoring the body temperature of your pet. For regulating the body temperature, the thermistor is placed under the tag instead of an animal’s skin or fur. As you know, if your pet is hibernating, its body temperature decreases and if your pet is active, its body temperature increases. It set the pulse rate low when your pet is hibernating because a faster pulse rate may cause death. Thermistor assesses not only body temperature but also ambient temperature and activity level. Body temperature sensing is also helpful in detecting mortality because dead animals are not warm. It quickly detects mortality. As a result, the causes of death can be investigated.

3. Vox Health Monitoring System

Vox can be a good choice for your pet’s health monitoring. It has proved to be important to keep your pet healthy. Also, it provides complete information to manage both health and safety. It monitors all the activities of your animal during the day and night. It alerts you before being sick or injured your pet. When it gets any signs related to health or safety of your pet then immediately warns you. As you know that the change in body temperature is the main cause for your pet’s illness. That’s why Vox Health Monitoring system regulates not only body temperature but also ambient temperature. Also, the repetitive behavior of your animals is monitored with algorithms. The information is analyzed from the collars by algorithms. If an inauspicious sign is detected, notifications are generated. With the help of the GPS, it tracks the animal’s location also. If it finds your animal may be injured or he has gone to the unsafe place, warns you instantly.

4. AliveCor

The rate of breathing in 1 minute is called the respiratory rate. Your animal’s respiratory rate should be 15-35 breaths per minute at rest. The respiratory rate is difficult for you to count. AliveCor Veterinary Heart Rate Monitor is a great option which plays the most important role in checking the heart rate of your pets. This health monitoring system is best-suited for dogs, cats, rabbits, and horses. By using the only iPhone, this app can be downloaded and you can take ECG. AliveCor comes with 2 electrode strips which are contacted with the skin of your pet for taking readings. It provides complete information to manage respiratory rate and immediately informs you if any type of disorder is detected related to respiratory rate.

Wrapping Up

At the end of this article, we can say that if you want to detect the current animal’s health condition, it can be detected effortlessly by the health monitoring system. It definitely helps you in preventing widespread diseases and improving the health status of the animal. Therefore, in order to keep the animal happy and to provide a healthier life, you should definitely use it.



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