Top Sites To Download Torrents [Updated 2020]


Finding the best torrent sites can be a herculean task, especially with the rate at which torrent sites are closed because of several restrictions worldwide. The best torrent sites are determined by certain criteria which include download speed, seeder-to-leecher ratio, availability of torrents, ad-free experience, safe and secure downloads.

Very few torrent sites offer all the criteria listed above, and it takes a lot of commitment to finding sites with these criteria which are still efficient in 2020. We committed to the process of finding the best torrent sites and bring you those sites that met the criteria stated above.

Sites To Download Torrents


1337x is one of my favorite torrents for a quite long time as it has wide range of content for almost everyone. The best part is you can browse all their latest and popular content based on categories such as Movies, TV shows, Anime, Apps, and much more. Although their pop-ups may irritate you sometimes, it’s always suggested to use Adblocker along with a good firewall service (I personally use Norton Security Ultra which blocks almost all popups for me).

2. The Pirate Bay

The pirate bay is one of those torrent sites that have been around for a while and maintained a high standard. It is thus not surprising that this torrent site is very popular with a high seeder-to-leecher ratio and a variety of torrents in the different niches. The speed of download from this torrent site is also notable as one can download a 1 GB in about 7 minutes.

Because of the popularity of this torrent, it has been shut down temporarily on several occasions yet still very effective. Users will also find it easy to navigate this torrent site, and files downloaded are typically virus-free. However, it is worth mentioning that The Pirate Bay is not available in about 28 countries, and these countries include Sweden, India, Russia, and Spain. Users from these countries thus need a VPN to bypass the restriction.

3. LimeTorrents

Since 2009 when it was launched, LimeTorents has been a source of a wide range of torrents with all the features one looks for in a great torrent site. LimeTorrents has an archive of about 10 million torrents with a high seeder-to-leecher ratio.

Users will also find it very easy to navigate this site and access the file they wish to download. The download speed of this site is also notable. Users can download a 1 GB file in about 10 minutes. It is also important to note that the content downloaded from LimeToreents are generally virus-free. This site is blocked in only three countries. These countries are the UK, France, and Australia.


This is another well-established and efficient torrent site, especially for movie torrents, and it met all the criteria we established for an efficient torrent site. Users of this torrent site get ample access to high-definition movies in small file sizes. A highly appealing feature of this torrent site is the availability of movie torrents in different sizes. Thus, one can choose to go for a smaller version of a file rather a heavier version. The flexibility makes YTS very popular amongst users. Users are also guaranteed virus-free content and high download speed. Because of the popularity of this torrent site, it has a high seeder-to-leecher ratio.It is also important to note that YTS is restricted in certain countries which include the UK and India.


RARBG has also been around for a while and has remained efficient over time. Although the seeder-to-leecher ratio is not as high as the other torrent sites that have been mentioned, users are sure of high download speed and virus-free content.

It is also relatively easy for users to navigate the site and download the torrent one seeks. RARBG is restricted in countries such as the UK and Denmark amongst other countries, a total of nine countries.


This torrent site is a well-established source of TV shows and series torrents and has been quite a reliable source for these torrent files. Users of EZTV are also sure of high download speeds and easy navigation as they can search for their preferred torrents in very easy steps. A 1 GB file can be downloaded in about 7 minutes.

The torrents available on this site are also free from viruses. However, EZTV is restricted in about 10 countries which include the UK, Norway, and Turkey.

7. iDope

With an interface similar to Google, this is another great torrent site which is reliable for a variety of torrent files as well as high download speed. Users have a search the archive of this torrent site to download their preferred torrent file. Afterward, the download is quite straightforward with a speed that allows the download a 1 GB file in about 7minutes

The files on iDope are also mostly virus-free, and iDope has an archive that holds files of different types including a range of movies. The appealing features of this torrent site include the range of files available and download speed. There you go, torrents sites that you can depend on in 2018. As stated earlier, every one of the torrent sites on this list was tested against the criteria we highlighted. You can rely on every entry on this list.

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Wrapping Up:

So, this was our list of some of the Best Sites To Download Torrents in 2018. Some of these websites may be blocked by in your country due to government policies, so you can use some of the best VPNs suggested by us in the previous post. Do comment down below if you have any queries/suggestions. We would love to hear back from you.


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