Best Nintendo 64 Emulator for Windows


We all know that the video game industry is continually pushing ahead to greater and better things. Nintendo has taken advantage of wistfulness and made another crowd for great games by launching Nintendo 64. Also, for playing these games one must have an emulator.

Nintendo 64 emulators are the products that permit you to play the Nintendo games over a huge scope of stages. Nintendo 64 emulators are the least difficult approach to play the Nintendo games on your windows. The greater part of the players is impressed with the pre-recorded soundtracks, high-limit CD media, quick stacking, and in-game film groupings with emulators.

Which is the Best Nintendo 64 Emulator for Windows?

We cannot list off the best Nintendo 64 emulator for windows that are ideal for playing all the Nintendo games. There are certain games that work better with one in examination with another.

In addition, windows itself have loads of forms that you can work on. While getting an emulator, you have to alter your emulator as indicated by your variant of windows. Yet, messing around on windows is the best understanding. Become more acquainted with which windows adaptation is best for gaming so you can get one for you. The N64 emulators give distinctive modules to dealing with the regulator information, sound, and recordings with their own points of interest and burdens.

So, here is some best Nintendo 64 emulator for windows with their benefits and bad marks. Investigate and pick the one that best suits your game.

1. Project 64

Project 64 - Best Nintendo 64 Emulator

Project 64 is an open-source and one of the most well known Nintendo 64 emulators for the Windows condition. It is anything but difficult to utilize and the devoted network of Project64 aficionados continues refreshing and fixing bugs. In the event that you are on Windows and searching for an N64 emulator, Project 64 is the most ideal decision for you. It offers a perfect UI and lets you play with USB regulators. It highlights spare states and even lets you play with high-goal surfaces. Project 64 plays a huge level of N64 games and perhaps a decent decision for you.

Benefits of Project 64

  • Project 64 offers a perfect UI and lets you play with USB regulators.
  • It lets you play with high-resolution textures.

Bad Marks of Project 64

  • The main drawback in Project 64 accompanies sound having some irregularity.

2. Mupen64 plus

Mupen 64 plus - Best Nintendo 64 Emulator

Mupen64 plus is the nearby contender of the Project64, and subsequently likewise the best emulator for pc. A few games truly work better and give you better gaming experience while playing on mupen64 than playing on project64. You may confront a few complexities while setting up this emulator, however once you are finished with this then nobody can stop you.

Benefits of Mupen64 Plus

  • This emulator underpins different stages.
  • Mupen64 Plus has great sound quality.

Bad marks of Mupen64 Plus

  • UI isn’t there for Mupen64 Plus, and you need to create the front-end UI.

3. RetroArch – Nintendo 64

RetroArch- Best Nintendo 64 Emulator

RetroArch is additionally a contender among Nintendo 64 emulators. It is free and open-source. Actually, RetroArch isn’t an emulator however a front-end GUI. It bolsters a huge amount of various frameworks too. In this, players download centers, which function as framework emulators, to mess around over a wide scope of the platform, for example, PCs, mobiles, and consoles. It is somewhat hard to utilize however functions admirably when you become acclimated to it. In the event that you need assistance to set it up, at that point Google searches and YouTube can be of much assistance to you.

Benefits of RetroArch

  • RetroArch is free.
  • It has multiple customized features.
  • It helps to play games across a wide range of platforms.

Bad marks of RetroArch

  • It is a little difficult to use.
  • RetroArch is substantially more hard for arrangement.

4. OpenEmu

OpenEmu- Best Nintendo 64 Emulator

OpenEmu is an ideal Nintendo 64 emulator for anybody whose work rotates around macOS journals and work areas. This Nintendo 64 emulator macintosh upholds a wide range of consoles like Atari 7800, Game Boy Advance, Sega Genesis, NES, N64, and some more.

In contrast with RetroArch, OpenEmu has a much cleaner UI and the entirety of the N64 ROMs is very efficient in the library. Because of Apple’s advancement and the low assets prerequisite of OpenEmu, it works impeccably even on more seasoned Apple PCs.

Benefits of OpenEmu

  • You can save the state of your ROM using this emulator.
  • OpenEmu has a clean UI.
  • It works more flawlessly on Apple Pc’s.

Bad Parts of OpenEmu

  • It does not work that efficiently on PCs other than Apple.

5. CEN64 – Nintendo 64


CEN64 is known as the cycle-exact emulator. MarathonMan presents CEN64 as a home computer game comfort Nintendo 64 Emulator. On the off chance that you are searching for the emulator to appreciate the N64 games simply at that point, CEN64 is the best Nintendo 64 emulator for PC.

Benefits of CEN64

  • Cen64 gives you a full-precise gaming experience.

Bad marks of CEN64

  • It needs reasonable equipment to run at a nice speed.

6. BizHawk


BizHawk is the best Nintendo 64 emulator and its only accessible for Windows 10. Notwithstanding N64 ROMs, this emulator upholds various consoles like NES, SNES, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Sega Genesis, Sega Saturn, PlayStation, Atari 2600, and some more. One of the significant features of BizHawk is Tool-Assisted Speedruns (TAS). Indeed, speedruns help a player complete any game in the briefest measure of time conceivable and that too without utilizing any cheats.

Benefits of BizHawk

  • BizHawk has a tool-assisted speedrun (TAS) which helps to complete any game in the shortest time.

Bad marks of BizHawk

  • It is only accessible for Windows 10.

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To conclude, I would say, these were some of the best Nintendo 64 emulators for windows. Do focus on there benefits and bad marks which are mentioned under each one of them. Stay tuned with us for more updates and share your experience by utilizing these emulatorsAlso, let us know in the comment section which is your favorite Nintendo 64 emulator.


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