Must Read: How WiFi Dangerous to Life?


WiFi Dangerous

In this world of the 21st century, no one can imagine their life without the mobile phones & computers but have you ever imagined how dangerously these new technologies affect your body? Ever thought of how WiFi dangerous to the Human body.

Is WiFi dangerous?

WiFi is one of the most widely used technology but it imposes some harmful effects on the body. It was found in the research that wifi can affect the body and the brain adversely. Wi-fi does not cause illness to the body immediately so some might ignore its effect at all. However, in a long run, it imposes dangerous diseases like cancer and neurodegenerative diseases.

Effects of Wi-Fi

Causes Insomnia

You must have experienced someday that it is hard to sleep or felt long awake after using wifi. In a study, it was found the individuals who are exposed to the electromagnetic radiation gets it difficult to fall asleep. It also makes changes to the brain wave patterns.

Sleeping near the phone or Wi-Fi signals can cause chronic problems to sleep. In the starting, it causes sleep deprivation but in a longer run, it can lead to the development of depression and hypertension.

Damage child growth

The frequency radiation from wi-fi can adversely affect the tissues and cells of the infants and small children’s. These radiations to the babies can affect their development and can increase the risks of certain diseases.

Brain disturbance

The effect of wi-fi on the brain can be more disturbing as it reduces the concentration of brain and if it gets worse can lead to memory loss.

Effect sperms

It has been known that the heat generated from laptops can kill sperms but a new threat to man’s sperm is Wi-Fi. It is found in the research that wi-fi frequencies can reduce the speed of the sperm.

Increases cardiac stress

In a study carried on about 70 people, it was found that when they enter the area of radiation their heart rate increases in a similar way as it increases when the person is in stress

In extreme, causes cancer

There is a very minute possibility of cancer but cannot be ignored as it develops the risk of tumor and this development has been noticed in the several animals exposed to the radiations.

 Tips to avoid these harmful effects.

  • Turn off the wi-fi before sleeping.
  • Turn it on only when in use.
  • Use wired connection when possible.
  • Keep your phone away from the body while sleeping.
  • Avoid keeping phones near belly in the pregnant condition.
  • Do not keep your phones in shirt’s pocket.


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