Whatsapp Rolls Back Text Status Feature for Android


Whatsapp has finally rolled out its Text based Status Feature Back: Here’s how you can get it.

After receiving lots of criticism from users all over the globe, Whatsapp has finally released its new update (v2.17.107) for Android in which they have added the old Text-based Status feature back.

Users can now download the latest Version of the Whatsapp App (v2.17.107) from the Google Play Store to use this feature. This newly added feature will work similarly to what was seen on the Beta version 2.17.95.

Whatsapp has rolled back its Text-Based Status, this doesn’t mean you will not see the Snapchat like status feature. Instead, a new Status is now appearing in a separate tab. You can still post images and GIF’s which will disappear after 24 hours timeline.


How to Use the Old Text Based Status Feature?

  • In order to use the text-based status feature again, you need to download the latest update of Whatsapp app (v2.17.107) from the Google Play Store. You can download the officially updated app from the following Link:  WhatsApp Messenger.
  • Click on the 3 dot menu on the to left corner of the app.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Click on About and Phone Number Section. Here you can see the old status section back.

The new update comes with all the old status options by default like ‘Available’,  ‘At School’, ‘Busy’, etc. The most important, this status feature won’t disappear in 24 hours like the newly introduced Snapchat like status feature. All the people in your contact list may see your Status by opening your Contact info, creating a new chat conversation, or viewing your group’s info.

This update is only available for Android users. iOS users need to wait for some time till Whatsapp rolls out an update for the App Store. The update for iOS is expected to be rolled out in next week.



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