Some cool reasons to upgrade from Windows 7 ?


                                    WINDOWS 10 – THE GAME CHANGER Many people don’t feel the need to upgrade from windows 7. Why should they? I mean, in the case of Windows XP, even after it was stopped by Microsoft, it was still used in many computers or rather it is still used in many computers in India.

Well, it’s different in the case of Windows 7. After Microsoft stopped supporting Windows 7, there’s a very important file required for running recent games and software. The software doesn’t show any problem if you already have the latest version of Microsoft stopped supporting Windows 7. But, When You try to download the latest Direct X file from the official site of Microsoft. It shows an error saying, Your Operating System is not supported.

Well, this is not noticed by many people. But, People who tried to play the latest games on Windows 7 might have encountered this problem with the Direct X compatibility.

This is one of the reasons. The second is all the latest laptops are Windows 10 configured. That means you might have trouble running Windows 7 on the laptop. Most of the shops decline to install Windows 7 on latest laptops saying the laptop is not compatible.

You should consider upgrading to Windows 8.1 or Windows 10. I would say Windows 10 Most preferably compared to 8.1.

Windows 10 has better design and graphics compared to Windows 7.

The Windows 10 looks like the pic above.

For Windows 8.1,

The Windows 8.1 looks like the above.

The ease of Multitasking in Windows 10 compared to other Windows and Windows 8.1 gives it an edge. It’s similarly found in the operating system in Apple computers and laptops. You can do various tasks at the same time. The windows 10 looks something like this while multitasking.

You can access this option by using Windows + Ctrl and arrow keys to navigate through the various open tabs. This makes the shifting from one open windows tab to another a whole lot easier.

The Microsoft edge provided with the Windows 10 is one of the other reasons to shift to Windows 10.

You can find the detailed info about the browser on the internet(Google to the rescue). I would like to say it in short way possible. It’s fast. According to statistics, it’s faster than chrome. It looks classy. It gives you more freedom than other web browsers. It’s compact.

Many people find the problem of activating the operating system, well there are alternate ways for getting the OS activated. You can go for keys available on the internet(Once Again, Google to the rescue). You can also go for the legit way and buy a license which costs around 7000, LATEST.

To Summarize, You should upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 because the support for Windows 7 has been stopped and will not be supported in the coming next months. For the latest software and games, You should upgrade from Windows 7 as soon as possible. Windows 10 is preferred for the reasons shown above as it’s better than Windows 8.1 in many ways. Windows 10 is the upgraded version!


  1. Still the spying Microsoft does is a deal breaker for me – you can’t entirely shut it off without just about crippling the OS – Sorry but my privacy matters

    Best bet to to switch to Linux -Zorin is best for Windows 7 users -the GUI is almost identical to Windows 7.Linux Mint for those who use 8.1 and you can take your pick to replace Windoze 10 .Need a windows program? Install Wine to get Windows compatibility.

    There is no reason to put up with the spying anymore.


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