Top 10 Best News Apps for Android You Must Try


The search for Top 10 Best News Apps for Android is always hot and there are many reasons for it. In this fast pacing world, there’s hardly any time for people to access and read a magazine, newspaper or watch TV every hour to stay aware of everything. Moreover, the problem with newspapers is they report hours after the event. Sometimes, we just need to know what is happening in the world today, how’s the stock market reacting, if the riots in the neighboring cities any less or it’s igniting further with just one click. We all are addicted to our smartphones and it is the first thing we check out as soon as we wake up in the morning or get a few minutes of break. News apps keep us updated by automatically sending notifications. But there are millions of apps present in the Playstore. It is crucial to choose a responsible and accountable because fake news is a growing concern around the globe. In this post, we have listed down top 10 Best News Apps for Android you can use to get all the latest updates without a miss.

Top 10 Best News Apps for Android 

1. Google News

Google News-Top 10 Best News Apps for Android 

Google News, Initially known as Play Newsstand is known for showing important yet relevant content with the help of AI. Nothing beats Google, we all know that. There’s a ‘For You’ section that shows news personalized for each individual based on their searches and browser information. A ‘Coverage’ section shows news from different publishers highlighting all important perspectives from each news making it easy to judge and read. You never miss an update standing to Google’s intimating way to cover breaking news. 

2. Microsoft News

Microsoft News

Initially known as MSN news, Microsoft News gives personalized news content and gets updated every second. Sign in to your Microsoft account to get personalized news overall devices and browsers. The news here is genuine and always verified before it is published. Although, the design makes it difficult to distinguish between ads and the content. Maybe a strategy to increase ad revenues through clicks.

3. BBC News

Top 10 Best News Apps for Android 

There is a reason why BBC Network is the most trustworthy and responsible news media around the globe. It is popular for covering unbiased and non-sensational news. There is no external influence on the BBC. And that’s one of the reasons it is also such a popular app. The app has a simple but efficient layout with articles and videos categorized into different niches. In just one tap, you will get news on any topic, state or nation. Unlike its competitors, you can turn off sharing personal information. But that way you won’t get personalized news anymore.

4. Reddit

Top 10 Best News Apps for Android 

I know, it is not a typical news app but its way better than most. Trust me on this. You will be amazed at how effectively it serves news alongside entertainment. Reddit is a combination of social media, news aggregator and messaging. One can subscribe to topics to get posts based on your likes and dislikes. There is a lot of content that you otherwise won’t find. Though, it’s structure and design are not what you will find in a typical news app.

5. Smart News

Smart News


Very recently Smart News went through many changes and since then it has made its name into the Top 10 Best News Apps for Android. The newer version of app screens through every news article. The ‘smart news mode’ has an array of minimalist views that works seamlessly even in low network conditions. Moreover, the app has an offline mode as well. This particular feature makes it so unique. You can follow your publishers here and that way your feed is always up to date.

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6. InShorts

Top 10 Best News Apps for Android 

InShorts is an Indian startup. The design sets it unique. The news here is shown in flashcards, one at a time. The articles are just 60 words long, more like Twitter. Therefore, the articles are to the point and non-sensational. ‘My Feed’ shows articles on the basis of your preferences. But there are just way too many ads and other irrelevant stuff to distract your reading.

7. News Break

Top 10 Best News Apps for Android 

News Break is one of the most popular news apps in our list of Top 10 Best News Apps for Android. The whole feed revolves around your interests solely. There is a ‘For You’ tab that shows articles on your likes and then there is a ‘Following’ tab that shows whom you are following. Next, there is a night mode and ‘Quick view’. It is simple in structure and hence is easy to share in different social media platforms. They also feature small bits of popular news on your lock screen. But it has a lesser global reach than other competitors. Its primary focus is India.

8. Flipboard

Top 10 Best News Apps for Android 

FlipBoard is a popular news app with news print like design and wonderful aesthetics. It has features to impress readers like “See less new stories like this” and “Mute Site”. You may also make a custom magazine and add articles to it. But it is so user based that it extensively shows similar articles only. Hence, readers lack other important articles.

9. Feedly

Top 10 Best News Apps for Android 

The second Google News maybe? Feedly is an RSS news feed. Readers can make their own wall of news. The site is super fast in updating itself every second. Just search or copy a new source to subscribe to it.

10. TopBuzz

Top Buzz

The name speaks for itself, TopBuzz focuses more on entertainment news, than just news. Yet the app is capable of hard news considering the fact you subscribe to the channels/publishers. TopBuzz shows the viewers trending videos, gifs, viral pictures and much more. It holds quizzes every now and then and has some tricky questions to test your IQ.

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Wrapping Up:

So, this was the list of Top 10 Best News Apps for Android users handmade by us just for you. I hope you like the article. We have tried to cover everything but if you think we missed something in the list, comment down below to let us know. If you have any queries or suggestions regarding our list of Top 10 Best News Apps for Android users don’t forget to comment in the comment section. Cheers!


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