The Complete Guide to B2B Email Marketing

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If you are a B2B business owner then you know how difficult it is to drive more sales. You cannot use Facebook ads like those B2C peers usually do and make someone buy a 10000 USD worth of product. The key to making these kinds of sales is ‘Email’. Email marketing is the best strategy that B2B companies use to generate sales. Let’s talk about some of the ways to generate sales and build a good company information database using email marketing. So, here is our brief guide to B2B Email Marketing.

The Proper way of doing B2B Email Marketing: –

1. Mention the Name

Mention the recipient’s name on the email subject. This simple trick of mentioning the name of your subscriber can boost open rates by 26%. It has a simple reason. When we get the notification of an email and see our name written on it, we immediately assume it is sent from someone who knows us and whatever is in the email must be important.

2. Understand the customers

Successful businessmen always teach us to understand the customer’s needs. You need to be able to see things from the customer’s point of view. You need to understand what the customer is looking for, what their main problem is and what kind of reservation they might have on your solution.

3. Focus on the benefits

You need to put more focus on the benefits of your products. You need to show the customer what benefits they might gain from purchasing your product or service instead of telling them about the features you offer. There are probably thousands of people selling a similar product offering the same technical features as yours. You need to properly showcase the benefits because of which a customer would choose you instead of the other competitors.

4. Segment the list

After you get a list of subscribers, you need to break the list down into smaller segments. Performing the segmentation properly will help you deliver the right email to the right recipient at the right time. This simple way can increase your revenue a lot.

5. Realize the Customer Journey

Automated emails can help you get a way higher rate, click-through rate, and a higher revenue than the traditional promotional emails sent. Automate the emails so that they are sent to the customers based on what stage they are on. Stage 1 is the viewers. Once they subscribe to you, they go into stage 2 which is the subscriber. Next is stage 3, where they become your customer. The transformation from Stage 2 to Stage 3 is the real deal. That’s what every business looks for. You need to automate email on every stage. There should be different emails for stage 1, stage 2 and stage 3. Focus on those emails and try to grab their attention.

6. Provide proofs

Give your subscribers proofs. People don’t buy words only, they need to see proof. They need to see how your product is helping other customers. Showing the proof will increase the revenue much higher. Try to show legit information about your legit customers using your product. Snap their thank-you email and send it to the subscribers so they get more convinced that your product does offer good benefits.

7. Keep the content writers along with the email marketers

Make a team which includes both the email marketers and the content marketers. The main purpose of the blog you made is to get people interested in your product. You are sharing the information about your products and what benefits it can offer. Using the blog, you want to get subscribers and once someone subscribes to your newsletter it means he/she wants some more information on your product, not the information already provided on the blog. You need to write a separate content on the email which gives more benefit to the subscribers and turn them into customers.

Conclusion: –

So, you got it right? There is not really a ‘huge mystery’ behind success in the b2b email marketing strategies. Learn to make good content in the blog to gain subscribers, compose professional emails for the subscribers and strengthen the bond with the subscriber to convert them into customers. Remember to keep track of each email and see how much they succeed in converting them to customers. Do not be afraid to play with the strategies. Do experiments with the subscribers and email tactics to figure out which one works best for your business. Good luck!


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