Some Cool Google Chrome Tricks You should know about!!


Some Google Chrome Tricks you should know to get the most of your Browser.

Google Chrome has earned more than 20% of the web-browser market and is still growing rapidly. Though it may not be the most efficient browser in terms of privacy, Google Chrome is still the most popular browser. Chrome Browser is preferred as an interesting alternative to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera.

If you have not downloaded Google chrome yet, then you can download it from this link.

google chrome tricks

We have told you about 5 Best Google Chrome Extensions You should Install.  In this article, we have summed up some cool Google Chrome Tricks for getting most out of this browser.

1. Chrome Task Manager

 Press Shift+Escape to open task manager and see tasks running, memory consumed and their process id.

2. Incognito Tab

Control+Shift+N opens the incognito window (also known as Private Window). Browsing in incognito prevents your browser from saving your browsing history and web cache. Incognito mode opens a new window where you can browse the web in private without Chrome saving the sites you visit.

3. Open last closed Tab.

Control+shift+T opens the last closed tab. Google Chrome remembers the 10 most recently closed tabs. So, pressing again will open the previously opened tab and so on…

4. New Tab:

Control+Shift+T opens a new tab without using the mouse. You can open multiple tabs using this command.

5. History

Click Control+H to view the history of your browser.

6. Delete Cookies

Cookies can slow down your browser, so it is recommended you clear your cookies regularly. To delete your browser cookies, click Control+H to open browser history. Click on clear browsing data and delete cookies.

7. Know about Plugins

To know about the plugins currently installed with your browser, type about:plugins in the address bar and press enter. You can further update, disable your plugins from that page.

8. Switch between Tabs

Control+shift+Tab can be used to switch to turn back between tabs.

9. Browse through Tabs using commands

If you ever need to read something quick on another tab, hold down the Control key and a number 1 to 9. This will open the tab associated with the number you entered.

10. Navigating using Key commands.

You can navigate the page without using mouse scroll. Simply press Spacebar to scroll down and Shift+Spacebar to scroll up.

10. Control+B turns off the Bookmark bar.

11. Control+J opens the Downloads page.

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