New Monster IN Town – Intel Core i9


 Intel® Core™ i9

Intel’s Core i9 processor is what happens when Intel begins to worry that it might not have the biggest bad boy chip on the block. Intel released a list containing the entire Skylake-X lineup, Intel core i9 is the part of this lineup.  

The Core i9-7980XE features a 2.6GHz base clock speed. That’s not terribly exciting, though we’re not really concerned with base clocks since Intel’s chips do a good job of hitting Turbo clocks as needed. In that regard, the Core i9-7980XE has a Turbo clock of 4.2GHz and can hit 4.4GHz in single-threaded workloads. Those are both 100MHz lower than the maximum we’ve seen on Skylake-X, which is good to see.

Now, We do try to make the article user-friendly but there are a lot of technical details that we need to focus on because it is those details that make it the big boy in town and is the best compared to other processors in the market. One of its competition can be AMD’s Threadripper.

Visit the following link for the official specs: Click Here

Consider that the Ryzen Threadripper 1950X with 16 cores and 32 threads has just two fewer cores than the Core i9-7980EX, but costs half of as much. And against the 16-core/32-thread Core i9-7960X ($1,699), it’s still $700 less expensive. Not coincidentally, AMD’s Threadripper parts also launch this week, on August 10.

Of course, none of this matters all that much for gaming, at least currently. Despite Intel’s claims that “gamers and enthusiasts will experience up to 30 percent faster extreme mega-tasking for gaming over the previous generation,” today’s games simply don’t take full advantage of the cores and threads that are offered by these HEDT chips. That 30 percent figure comes from doing numerous other tasks in the background, like complex video transcoding or 3D rendering, something most gamers don’t do.

Intel is planning to release the Core i9-7920X on August 28. The Intel core i9-7940X, Core i9-7960X, and Core i9-7980XE will be available starting September 25.
All Core i9 CPUs will use a new Socket R4, a 2,066-pin LGA socket that will require a brand-new motherboard. Intel core i9 family is not backward-compatible with existing Skylake or Kaby Lake motherboards. That means you will need a new motherboard for the i9.

You can check out the details here: 

Also, it’s going not for everyone and there are some reasons as well for not buying it. Check it out here.

And Finally the comaprison between Intel and AMD :


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