How to Identify Fonts Used in Any Images or Photos


Want to Identify the fonts used in any Images or Photos? It’s quite simple and straight.

Identify Fonts

With the advancement of Technology, the things which are not possible earlier is now done very easily. Have you ever thought of identifying the Fonts text used in the photos and images? This would take much time to find the exact fonts for the text in the image? This can take up to hours find the complex font in the image. Now you can Identify Fonts Used in Any Photo or Image using the photoshop. With the help of this, you can use that font anywhere. Read the full post.

How to Identify Fonts Used in Any Images or Photos

The method is quite simple. You just need to follow these simple step described below.

Note: We are using photoshop, the versions of photoshop cc have the feature which identifies the text in the images to its nearest type of fonts. We will be showing the method of using the font identifying in photoshop.

Steps to Identify Fonts Used in Any Photo or Image:

#1 Firstly, you need to have the photoshop on your device. Just open it on the device after this you have to open up the image file from which you wish to identify the text.

#2 Then, select the selection tool and draw the box around the text which you want to identify in the image/photos. Try to make the accurate selection, just go to the Type>Match Font from the menu.

#3 This will now direct the photoshop to show the Font for the text that you selected in the image. You could select to even put the Typekit fonts to identify these font sets too.

#4 At last, the photoshop will suggest you the fonts. You can select the type of font that you feel is almost similar or same to the font in the image.

So, we have described the method to identify any fonts used in any image or photos. If you face any suggestion/query then do comment in the comment section. We would like to hear from you all.


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