How to Protect Your Important Data from Online Hackers


Do you think your data is protected? Think again. In the world of internet with persistent threats from hackers, keeping your data safe is really difficult and important. We are here to help you protect your privacy from hackers and keep you safe from identity theft.

Protect Your Important Data from Online Hackers

Data ProtectionProtect Your Important Data from Online Hackers

1. Stay Up-to-Date: –

Keep your operating systems and all other software updated. Most hackers find holes in the current systems, and if you keep updating it frequently, it will keep you safe from the outdated methods a hacker would use to gain your data. Also, remember to keep the Microsoft products updates on, so your office stays updated.

2. Use Strong Passcodes: –

Most of you are using a 6-digit password already and think it is safe. Well, it is actually not. A good hacker can crack your 6-digit passcode within a couple of minutes. Here is a good trick to set a safer password. Think of a sentence of about 10 words that you will always remember instead of a word.

Then write down the sentence and take the first letter of each word and note it down. Use the first letter of each sentence to form a password. Then jumble the cases of the password to make it more secure. Swap the letters with special cases, for example, Use ‘@’ instead of ‘A’, use ‘$’ for S, use ‘!’ for I etc.

3. Identity Theft: –

Lexington Law Firm is a good company that keeps you safe from Identity theft, let’s do some pep talks about their services here. In today’s world identity theft is very common, and you need to be sure that you are safe from it. You can check their website to see how to stay secure from identity theft.

4. Encrypting your messages: –

There are certain applications available that will help you encrypt your messages. Suppose you are sending something important to your client or someone and you need to be sure that it only goes to the client and not anyone else, then use an encrypted text to send the message. You can find some good apps in the store to do such. You can put in the message and create a QR code which only your client can scan and decrypt the data.

4. Get a good Antivirus: –

Buy a good antivirus for your PC and mobile device. They can help you stay safe from viruses that could be a potential threat to your data. Make sure you keep them up to date or they would be useless. It is a better idea to find a premium antivirus instead of using a free one. Do not install any kind of unauthorized software as they might include viruses, trojans, keyloggers etc. They end up slowing down your computer and accessing your private information.

5. Use an updated web-browser: –

A web browser is something we use every day, and if you do not keep them up-to-date, then hackers can easily make fake pages and trick you into thinking they are genuine. They can easily create bugs that will save your private data such as passwords, credit cards, CVV, etc.

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6. Get an Anti-Spyware software: –

Spyware is a program that stores your personal data without taking your approval. Then they can send that information to any third-party website. Once a spyware enters your system, it is really tough to remove. Most of the spyware software is dedicated to only fight spyware. Find a good spyware for your system on the internet to stay safe.

Wrapping up

The Internet is always full of hackers, malware, spyware, viruses etc. You need to be very careful of what you download and what website you open. We hope these tips will help you stay safe on the internet and keep your private data protected.


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