How to Properly Secure Your Browser in Simple Steps?


We often wonder which is the most secure browser among all and which one to choose between them. In a survey conducted in 2013, Firefox was the voted as the most security-conscious browser among all. But in a Hacking contest, Firefox was exploited attacked 4 times with zero-day attacks, making it as the most less secure browser among all. A recent analysis shows that no single browser is capable enough to protect you against all the threats on the Internet. But by ensuring some security measures, you can easily Secure Your Browser in some Simple Steps.

Secure Your Browser

1. Always Keep your Browser Updated

This is one of the common reason because of which your browser becomes vulnerable to different attacks and attackers are easily able to get access to your device. Developers always release new updates to the Browsers with some security fixes and better features. Updating your browser regularly not only protects you from cyber attacks but also makes browser run faster.

2. Never save your passwords

Saving passwords on your browser may be handy, but it also increases the security risk. Your saved passwords can be easily viewed by doing some basic changes in the page code. Also if your device falls into wrong hands, your saved passwords can easily be viewed within minutes.

3. Prefer HTTPS websites over HTTP

All the information shared between you and the website remains visible in case of http sites whereas the information is encrypted in https sites. So, one should always prefer https sites over http for safe and secure browsing. To play live casino games securely, you may visit

4. Install only trusted plugins

Whenever you install any plugin, some Javascript, Flash, ActiveX codes become active on your browser. These plugins are can be easily exploited and hackers may use this to break into your computer through your web browser. So, one should always try to use the plugins from trusted vendors and disable them when not in use.

5. Use Pop-Up Blocker

Pop-up blockers prevent random pop-up windows and tabs from opening on your browser. These blockers can also prevent malicious malware from installing on your system via these pop-ups. Installing reliable pop-up blockers ensures that your device remains safe from these harmful trojans and malware.

Wrapping Up

So this was our quick guide on How you can Properly Secure Your Browser in Simple Steps. If you know some more methods to secure your browsers, then let us know by commenting in the comments section below. We would love to hear back from you


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