Hoverwatch Review: A Perfect Parental Control app for Parents

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Hoverwatch is a free mobile phone tracker for children’s control which lets your oversee your children’s activities. With this app, you can record their calls, text, WhatsApp and Facebook messages, as well as camera data. It also enables you to secretly see such things as online activity, contacts, calendar and geodata (GPS).


Hoverwatch Review: A Perfect Parental Control app for Parents

Kids nowadays use the smartphone for almost anything, some usage is good, educative and morally okay, while some are corruptible and can influence kids negatively. It is important for parents to find out what their children are doing with their smartphone, it is ideal for parents to track their kids’ cellphone. There are many arguments on if it is legal to track someone’s phone discreetly, well, if that someone is your kid and he/she is under the age of eighteen then you need not worry, you have the right to do so.

In most scenario, suspicion leads to tracking kids cell phone, and an experienced parent would know what could ensue if one confront a kid on an issue without enough evidence, especially teenagers, they will make it look like a false accusation and start acting upset. Oftentimes, the suspicions might be wrong and you can’t even imagine what will happen when you actually accuse kids wrongly, they may hate you for it. Discreetly tracking their cell phone is just a way to check up on your story and confirm your suspicion, then you can confront the kid with valid evidence and he/she won’t be able to deny. Or forget about the issue if the suspicions turn out to be false. However, in another scenario, while confirming your suspicion on their cell phone you could find something else incriminating. In any case, when you have enough proof, you can comfortably face your kids and correct their wrongdoing. You can have a corrective conversation based on solid evidence instead of assumptions.

How to make use of Hoverwatch in 3 simple steps

  1. Visit Hoverwatch official site on your web browser, sign up with a valid email you have access to and a password.
  2. Login with your credentials on the targeted Android device, download the free spy app and install
  3. Start monitoring the information and spy on texts from your online account.

Hoverwatch spy app full functions

  • Call Data and Recording: free Hoverwatch spy app records all conversations on the device and also keeps a detailed log of all call activities; you will have access to both the contact’s name and the duration of the call.
  • Monitoring social accounts and texts: this app lets you monitor all installed messaging applications such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram etc. it also monitor native SMS and multimedia messages.
  • Geolocation Features: find the exact whereabouts of your kids with accurate map location, the geolocation data is real time and is valid even if the targeted device is on the move.Hoverwatch
  • Stealth Mode: Hoverwatch has been designed to be completely hidden, even from the applications settings, your target won’t have any idea of being tracked.
  • Saves all contacts: you have access to every contact saved on the device, both existing ones and new ones as they are saved.
  • Track To-do list: kids have plans too, even if it is to do something not good, and they might put it on their To-do list. You are just a few clicks away from finding out the contents of that lists.
  • One account, five devices: with a single account, you can add up to five different devices for tracking.
  • Front camera photos: curious about where your kid is snapping or who your kid is taking a selfie with? Hoverwatch has got you covered. You can see the snapshot of every photo taken from the front camera of the added device from your online account.
  • Android Screenshots: with Hoverwatch spy app, you can screen-grab the targeted device in a pre-defined time interval.
  • SIM Card: kids are cunning, once they suspect you are tracking them, they may try to switch SIM cards to avoid monitoring, you will get notified the moment such thing happens.
  • Internet Activities: Hoverwatch stores all the internet activity of the device it is installed on. With this feature, you will see all website visited on the device and the time of the visit.
  • Real-time update: events notification are received within a matter of seconds as they occur, no delay, no lagging, just be there to receive them when you need to.


Before the existence of apps like Hoverwatch, parents face a dilemma when buying a phone for their kids, the importance of frequent phone calls or text is undisputed though, but modern technology (especially the internet) tends to lead younger ones astray if they are not monitored. Adult contents, cult activities, religious brain-washing etc. are few of what kids could encounter online, you should be there to protect them from such exposure without limiting their fun.

Hoverwatch Keylogger is also available on Windows and Mac platform for PC users, it registers all the key pressed and typed messages on the keyboard of the PC. With Hoverwatch you are fully aware of your children activities.


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