How to Send SMS via Voice Command from Amazon Alexa


Amazon recently launched a new messaging feature for their Alexa devices which will allow you to send text messages to your contacts. Users only need to ask Alexa to send a message to a specific one from the Contact list. However, this feature is only for Android users till now. Amazon told iPhone users have to wait for this feature to be enabled on their devices. The reason behind this is Apple doesn’t allow third-party messaging API. Here is how to Send SMS via Voice Command.

Send SMS via Voice Command

Read the process to Send SMS via Voice Command

To send messages via voice command you have to change some settings in Alexa app on Android device. Go to “Conversation” tab of the app and then select “Contacts”. Now select “My Profile” and enable “Send SMS” feature to ON state. You can only send SMS messages from Alexa device via voice, not from the app.

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Then you can specify that if you want to send a “text message”, or you can ask Alexa to send a “message” which need to be routed to Alexa device firstly. Amazon already gave the hint last year that they were developing this sort of facility with the introduction of free calls and messaging. But those features worked in between Echo devices which lead to limit its adaption.
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Alexa app imports entire address book which leads to some mishaps last year. Then Amazon blocked contact adding. Now we all understand that why Alexa app tries to import the entire contacts.

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