How to Disable/Hide Facebook Messenger SEEN on iPhone


We all are aware of the ‘SEEN’ feature of Facebook Messenger. It is a feature that allows the sender of the message to know that you have read their message, the time you open it. Well, It may get annoying for some people who do not want the sender to know that they’ve Read their message. Here we’re going to Show you How to Hide Facebook Messenger seen on iPhone.

There’s no feature just to Hide Facebook Messenger seen. You’ve stuck with it. But, If you really do not want the sender to know that you have seen their message. Here’s an App that can help you hide seen and maintain your privacy. It’s an Unread App for iPhone users.

Hide Facebook messenger seen

Unread is an iOS app that will help you disable the “seen” feature of messenger which will result in not showing the sender that you have read the message. If you receive a Facebook message, you can use the Unread app to view/read the message without letting the sender know that you’ve read it.

It is a simple way to access this app. The unread app is not a Facebook Messenger alternative. This app only receives your facebook messages and show it to you. You can only read your Facebook messages in this app.

However, There are 2 Disadvantages of the same.

1. Unread cannot be used as a chat client. You can only read messages through Unread and can’t send messages. Hence, Unread doesn’t clearly substitute Facebook Messanger.
2. There is a limit on messages you can read. After such limit, To read all your messages, You’ll have to upgrade it with a purchase of $2.99.

Hide Facebook messenger seen

While Unread is an easy app to operate and hide ‘seen’ feature, It may bring chaos for you. Whenever you will get a message, You’ll need to open Unread to read the message and if in case you want to revert back. Then you have to go to Facebook Messanger and reply.

But if you are really cautious about privacy and seen feature, Besides its limitations, It can be a useful App for you.

So, that is it we have described the method to Disable/Hide Facebook Messenger SEEN on iPhone. If you have any suggestion/query then do Comment in the comment section. We would like to hear from you all.


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