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HotStar App doesn’t need any introduction, we all know about this. This app is created by Star networks private limited to provide their Shows, Movies at any time and anywhere. A viewer can watch cricket matches on Hotstar and it’s all free for all. But in some cases, they offer Premium membership, where you have to pay Rs.199 for 1 month. The premium content includes American TV Series of HBO channel like Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley How I Met Your Mother & some other popular TV series & English movies. In this post, we are going to show you How you can get Hotstar Premium Account Free for Lifetime.

Get Hotstar Premium Account Free for LifeTime

Hotstar premium account free

Currently, they are offering a 1-month Free trial where Customers Sign up with their Credit card/Debit card details. Once the trial period ends the amount will be automatically deducted from the account.

But what if I say that you can watch all of your favorite American TV Series like Game of Thrones without paying anything, which is Free for lifetime. So here is a simple trick that perfectly worked for me, you can try it for yourself too.

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How to Watch Hotstar premium content for a lifetime without paying Anything? 

Requires Kite Cash app to be downloaded.

Click here to download.

Now, this method is for users who do not want to enter their card details. You definitely need to enter the card details, but if you have already accessed the free trial using a card, you cannot get a free trial using another account with the same card. Therefore, we make use of virtual credit cards. Follow the steps mentioned below to get Hotstar Premium Account Free.

  1. Download Kite Cash app. The link is mentioned above.
  2. You have to sign up for this app by entering your mobile number.
  3. Then click on ‘Add Kite Cash’ to add some cash using your debit card.
  4. Tap on ‘Use Kite Card’, followed by ‘Create Kite Card’.
  5. Just add Rs 5 then click on ‘One Time KITE Card’ which will mostly be refunded back later on.
  6. Your Virtual card will be created. Make a note of the card details.
  7. Download Hotstar app or visit the website on PC.
  8. Sign up using an email ID.
  9. Click on ‘My Account’ in the options menu.
  10. Tap on ‘Start Now’ belonging to the Membership column.
  11. Then click on ‘ Start Your Free Trial’ which will appear on the website.
  12. Enter your virtual card details which you created from the Kite Cash app.
  13. Then Click on ‘Start Membership’. Done, you have access to Hotstar premium account for free.
  14. On 6th Day or 7th day after activation, cancel your Hotstar premium subscription.
  15. Trust me you will get the refund.
  16. Once you get, clear the App data and Register with any other Gmail account.
  17. Apply Same procedure (Steps 1 to 13) to enjoy the Hot Hollywood and Bollywood Movies, TV Shows.

Note: The virtual card created can be used for one time only. There are other apps like Kite Cash but Kite Cash so far seems to be the most secure way to get Hotstar Premium Account for free.

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Wrapping Up:

So, that is it we have used a simple trick to get Hotstar premium account free. If you have any query/suggestion then do comment in the comment section. We will reply as soon as possible.


  1. Hotstar app is the best way to watch your best tv serials if you miss any and even you can now install hotstar in your computer laptop.


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