Fix ERR_CONNECTION_RESET Error in Chrome Browser


If you are using Google Chrome browser then you might be facing some errors which occur frequently. One such error is ERR_CONNECTION_RESET which is frustrating when you are browsing or doing any work on the browser. It affects user experience and breaks the link of your work. So, if you are facing this error and searching here and there to solve the error then you are at right place. In this post, we are going to give you best methods to Fix ERR_CONNECTION_RESET Error.

Causes for ERR_CONNECTION_RESET Error in Chrome Browser

Before we discuss the methods to Fix ERR_CONNECTION_RESET Error you need to know the reasons behind this errors. Some of the reasons are listed below.

  • Your internet connection might be interrupted or disabled.
  • Due to Old Registry entries
  • Your ISP might be blocking some specific websites.
  • Your Firewall might block specific websites.


1. Change Your Proxy Settings

One of the most common and effective way to solve this error. Browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome doesn’t have their own sock/proxy settings it uses your Computer default proxy setting. So, if you have used this proxy setting earlier and forgot to turn it off then this might be the reason for the error. To solve this error you just have to follow some simple steps shown below.

Step 1: Go to Control Panel and find Internet options and click on that. A new window will appear.


Step 2: Now you have to select the “Connections” tab and then click on LAN option under “Local Area Network (LAN) settings” box.


Step 3: Then, a new window will appear where you need to uncheck the “Use a Proxy Server for Your LAN” if it is selected. By unchecking the box your problem might be solved.

If still getting the error then go for below-listed methods.

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2. Reset Your IP Address

This is one of the simplest and useful ways to fix the error. Firstly, open the Command Prompt to open cmd prompt Press Window+R key and type cmd.exe then press enter or Go to Start and type cmd.exe then press enter. If the user is not an administrator then you need to open it as an administrator user.

When Command Prompt window opens up simply type netsh winsock reset catalog and press Enter. To see the changes you need to restart the Computer.

3. Disable Firewall or Antivirus

Sometimes Firewall or Antivirus is the reason behind this error. They block the internet access or external connection which result in Err_Connection_Reset error. So, you can temporarily disable the firewall or antivirus of your system to check the reason. To avoid antivirus or firewall from creating this problem you need to add your internet connection to Whitelist which will solve the problem.

4. Clean Registry Entries

You might not think of this reason but old registry can create ERR_CONNECTION_RESET error. So, you need to clear Windows registry on the regular basis to avoid getting this error due to Registry files. There are many tools like CC cleaner which can be used to clean registry files. If facing internet connection problem in Google Chrome browser use these tools to clean registry entries and restart the computer. Many users have used this method and solved the error.

5. Power Cycle

It is also one of the reasons for the Chrome Browser ERR_CONNECTION_RESET error. Power cycling the routers can solve this error. To power cycle, you need to power off the routers for 5-10 minutes which will clean the memory. Then, turn off the computer and restart it your problem might get solved.

If you have tried all the above methods still not able to Fix ERR_CONNECTION_RESET Error then contact your ISP. Your ISP might be blocking some websites using the firewall which you are trying to access.

If you have any query/suggestion feel free to reach us. Do comment in the comment section if you are facing any difficulty following these methods.  We will try to reach you as soon as possible.

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