Ever Wondered Why Aeroplane Windows Have A Tiny Hole at the Bottom?


Why Aeroplane Windows Have A Tiny Hole at the Bottom?

Have you ever noticed a tiny hole in the airplane window? If yes, then do you know the reason behind it?

You may or may not have ever wondered why, but the answer to this is fairly interesting. It turns out that the tiny hole in the bottom of your plane window is actually a very significant safety feature.

We all know that at a higher altitude of 35,000 feet, the air pressure is so low that anyone would pass out if they were exposed to it. To avoid this, a plane’s cabin is pressurized to a prominent amount compared to outside air. This pressure is good for passengers inside, but not for the plane as the pressure difference is very high.

Here’s the answer !!

The small tiny hole is known as a BREATHER HOLE!  Plane windows are made up of three layers, inside, middle and outside panes. All of these layers are made up of super strong synthetic resin. The inner layer is actually a ‘scratch cover’ which stops passengers from being able to poke the real window. It is the middle pane which actually has the tiny hole. This Breather Hole is used to regulate the air pressure that passes between the inner and outer window panes.

This tiny-hole also helps to release moisture and depreciate the frost or condensation blocking your view. Thus we always get a clear view even at higher altitudes. 

In short, we can say the system makes sure that the outer window pane bears the most of the pressure so that if there were a situation that made added pressure on the window, it’s the outside panel that gives out.


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