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    Faxing is still a reliable method to send and receive important documents. For this reason, faxing solutions and services are available in the market. People always look for the most reliable and easy fax services near them. There is no need to search for a fax machine anymore because you can send and receive faxes from your own home. No doubt, you can access a fax machine in various nearby vicinities. It is not wise to trust them to send your sensitive papers. So, we came up with the Best Online Faxing service.

    For this reason, online fax services are available. Without any doubt, CocoFax is one of them as your closest and best online faxing buddy. Instead of roaming around, you can manage the transmission of faxes from your comfort zone.

    Best Online Faxing Service: CocoFax

    There is no need to look at where to send a fax near me because CocoFax is a great service. It enables you to carry a virtual fax machine in your pocket. Remember, CocoFax can help you to turn your mobile phone into a high-end fax machine.

    Best Online Faxing

    With the use of CocoFax, there is no need to worry about a landline phone or a fax machine. You can use this latest service to manage faxes. It is a leading service provider around the globe. Feel free to get a 30-day free trial and a free fax number.

    To send fax online for free, CocoFax account is important to create. Remember, your documents are completely safe with this online fax service. CocoFax is famous for HIPAA compliant, encrypted faxing solution.

    Several popular platforms, including Top 10 Reviews, Life wire, TechRadar, New York Times, and Forbes feature CocoFax. They recommend their users to try a free version of this fax solution.

    Use Email to Send Faxes

    With the use of CocoFax, you can receive faxes in your inbox. There is an email – fax feature to send faxes from your email account directly. Make sure to subscribe to the CocoFax service. At the time of free subscription, you will get a free fax number.

    You will get the flexibility of CocoFax to receive and send faxes through web browsers, a web app, and emails. Remember, they will not charge anything in the initial 30 days. Moreover, you are allowed to cancel the subscription of CocoFax anytime.

    Send Free Fax with CocoFax

    Web app of CocoFax is a reliable method to manage fax transmission of a growing business. Here are some simple instructions to send your fax:

    Step 01: Start your free trial of 30 days. Select a free number to send and receive faxes and enter details of your account. Make sure to pick one plan and subscribe.

    Best Online Faxing

    Step 02: To compose your fax, login to a CocoFax account, and open the dashboard. Click on “Send Fax” and start working on one popup window. Enter a number of the recipient in the “To” field. You can type in your message in a cover letter.

    Step 03: Attach files and documents in some famous formats, such as jpg, png, docx, doc, and pdf. After composing your fax, tap on “Send”.

    Receive Faxes with CocoFax

    You can use your free fax number to receive faxes in the inbox. CocoFax dashboard will have details of your sent and received faxes. Open fax, download its attachment, and print them as per your needs. Without any doubt, CocoFax is a reliable service provider for businesses.

    Miscellaneous Methods to Send Fax Near Me

    If you want to use other methods to send faxes, you can visit any office near you. They may help you to send a fax. Sometimes, these methods may not be secured and reliable. You can’t share sensitive documents with these people.

    FedEx stores in several states have purchased several Kinkos locations. These stores may help you to receive and send local, international, or domestic faxes. Prices may vary for each page. UPS store has more than 4600 branches in the world. They offer fax services at different rates.


    To conclude this discussion, it will be easy to say that CocoFax is a reliable fax service near you. Instead of visiting a store, you can choose this online fax service. If you want to save time and sensitive information, CocoFax can be an ideal solution.

    Create your free account with CocoFax and get your free number. Start receiving and sending faxes from anytime, anywhere on your device. Remember, a few companies FedEx or UPS, offer hourly operations. If you need maximum security and peace of mind, you can trust on CocoFax.


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