Airplane Mode While Flying

What Happens If You Don’t Set Your Phone To Airplane Mode While Flying?

Ever wondered why you still find restrictions in a tech-savvy world? Airline passengers are regularly told to switch their mobile phones and all other electronic...

8 Weirds Tech facts that No One Knows #7

In this modern Era, Technology may Simplify your life but there are some bizarre unknown facts that no one knows. Below are the 8...
danger of Turning On The A/C After starting the Engine

Do you know the danger of Turning On The A/C After starting the Engine?

We often turn on the A/C when sitting in the car without even thinking about it. Every time you do this, you put your...

World’s smallest 4G Smartphone “Jelly” launched with Android Nougat

Meet the World's smallest 4G Smartphone Jelly with Android Nougat which will fit in your coin pocket. China-based startup company Unihertz introduced an interesting "coin pocket...

How to recover deleted data from Android device

As we all know our device stores a large amount of data. There may be some unfortunate events that might delete some important data...

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