Most Dangerous Computer Viruses

5 Most Dangerous Computer Viruses of All Time

Computer viruses can be dangerous and can damage your Computer to a huge extent. It can slow down your device performance and can also...
google inventions

5 Google Inventions You Never Knew About

GOOGLE INVENTIONS YOU SHOULD KNOW There are many things GOOGLE has done other than creating a Search Engine and services like Gmail, Google+, Hangouts and...

5 Best Google Chrome Extensions You should Install.

Google Chrome is the most widely used Web Browser with more than 60% market share. Google Chrome is 3 times more popular than its...


Atm is the most common way to withdraw money. But it also leads to many Atm frauds. In the recent past, there has been a...

WhatsApp Messenger Surprises it’s Users with Another Awesome Feature

WhatsApp recently shows the signs of 5 New features coming. But before that, WhatsApp Messenger Surprises with this Awesome feature. WhatsApp is going to add...
5 Apps to Curb Smartphone Addiction

Top 5 Apps to Curb Smartphone Addiction.

In a world of social networking sites and numerous of apps, we often lose contact with our friends. This needs to be controlled in time...

Ever Wondered Why Aeroplane Windows Have A Tiny Hole at the Bottom?

Have you ever noticed a tiny hole in the airplane window? If yes, then do you know the reason behind it? You may or...
Airplane Mode While Flying

What Happens If You Don’t Set Your Phone To Airplane Mode While Flying?

Ever wondered why you still find restrictions in a tech-savvy world? Airline passengers are regularly told to switch their mobile phones and all other electronic...

8 Weirds Tech facts that No One Knows #7

In this modern Era, Technology may Simplify your life but there are some bizarre unknown facts that no one knows. Below are the 8...
danger of Turning On The A/C After starting the Engine

Do you know the danger of Turning On The A/C After starting the Engine?

We often turn on the A/C when sitting in the car without even thinking about it. Every time you do this, you put your...

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