ThemePlanet: Best ThemeForest Alternative for Free and Premium Themes

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A website is a modern-day tool for sharing information, thanks to those that created the internet, information can now be shared at convenience. Today, websites are used for many functions such as online shop where you can pay for goods and have it shipped to you, or blogs where you get up-to-date information, or government/private owned websites where you get accurate information on such organization, or DIY websites which you can use for various function such as web building, graphics creation, or social websites where people can meet and socialize, etc. All websites have one thing in common; they all have an interface; what people see instead of codes that were used to develop the website. A website interface is also referred to as the theme.

Colors and pictures are very powerful when engaging an audience, the theme of a website is the only visuals visitors can see, they cannot see the codes behind the interface. Even if a website can perform one hundred-and-one functions but has an ugly interface, a visitor might lose interest on the first-time visit. A beautifully designed website is one of the factors that contribute to a great user experience, and great user experiences will keep them coming back.

Themeplanet: Best ThemeForest Alternative for Free and Premium ThemesThemeForest: Best ThemeForest Alternative

Themeplanet is a marketplace where you can get various premium website themes and templates, Themeplanet’s marketplace will include HTML5 themes as well as themes for various CMS (Content Management System) such as WordPress, Shopify, Magento, and others. All Themeplanet’s themes are light, responsive and optimized for speed. Check out the features for these themes which you can get for free when you sign up with your email.

Some of the Most Popular Themes on Themeplanet are:

1. Plumber

The plumber is a WordPress theme for trade-based business such as Plumber, Carpenter, Electricians, Builders etc. this theme can be integrated with Woocommerce to enhance its ability. Plumber features three different homepages that you can select from, about us page to describe how unique your business is and team page to profile the business amazing team. A service/projects page is as important as the homepage; Plumber features a well-designed service page to take visitors on tour of what your business is offering, also, a project page laid out in grid style to list current and past projects you’ve worked on and willing to showcase. The plumber is fully responsive, compatible across browsers and mobile friendly.

2. Prometium

Prometium is stylish and modern WordPress theme, it is suitable for tech and software companies. Prometium comes with 3 different homepages, 3 different about pages, 3 different grid-style projects pages, and 3 different services pages, these multiple pages give you the option of choosing a suitable one. Prometium also features a blog listing page, blog post page, and contact page all aesthetically designed.

Prometium is designed with bootstrap which makes it adapt well across browsers, it is responsive and all animations run smoothly, Visual Composer drag and drop page builder that comes as part of its package makes it more customizable.

3. Fashionist

Fashionist is another amazing WordPress theme; it works great when integrated with Woocommerce plugin for fashion and jewelry companies. Fashionist comes in 3 different homepages, 2 different about page, and 3 different portfolio page. It has a page designed for the shop front, shop item page, an always visible shopping cart, and a wishlist. Two different contact page and should in case you are interested in blogging; a blog listing and blog post page. All these wouldn’t be completed without a checkout page.

Fashionist WordPress theme supports various e-store functions such as ratings and review, multiple currency support, and multiple language support. It is compatible across browsers and easy to customize.

A Special Surprise For All our Readers:

You can get all these amazing themes with $0.00, all you have to do is visit Themeplanet on your web browser and enter your valid email address, follow the instructions given and you will have access to download the themes immediately.



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