5 Best Google Chrome Extensions You should Install.


Google Chrome is the most widely used Web Browser with more than 60% market share. Google Chrome is 3 times more popular than its closest rival Internet Explorer. Thanks to its prompt performance, cool and clean interface. This browser also comes with plenty of useful extensions available on the Chrome Web Store.

There are hundreds of extensions available at Web Store. But Extensions slow down your Browser, so make sure you stick to only those that are needed and are most useful. Here are some Best Google Chrome Extensions that we suggest you should install.

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Best Google Chrome Extensions You Should Install

1. Magic Actions for YouTube

Magic Actions comes first on our list of Best Google Chrome Extensions. Youtube is the second most viewed website after Google.com. There are many extensions available that will enhance your video watching experience. But the one we suggest is Magic Actions For YouTube. This extension helps you customize your Youtube the way you want to.

best google chrome extensions

Some most useful Features of this extensions are:

  • Mouse wheel volume control
  • Color filters.
  • Auto Wide Screen.
  • Day/Night viewing modes.
  • Automatically playing videos at high resolutions.
  • Taking 1-click snapshots
  • Extensive video Info and much more.

2. LastPass

It’s a proven fact that majority of the people on the internet use terrible passwords. It’s quite difficult to remember your passwords for different websites. We often tend to forget our password and then we have to reset our password again and again. There are many password manager available, but the one that we suggest is LastPass.

After installing LastPass, you only need to remember your master password. You can save all your passwords to LastPass and it will auto login to the sites whenever you need them.

best google chrome extensions

 3. StayFocusd

As the name says, this extension let you stay focused on your work and prevent from distractions. StayFocusd lets you track your time your online activities. You can restrict your time you spend on addictive websites like Youtube, Facebook, and others.

It’s highly configurable, allowing you to block or allow entire sites, specific paths, specific subdomains, specific pages, even specific in-page content (games, videos, images, forms, etc).

best google chrome extensions

 4. Grammarly

Grammarly’s writing app helps you make sure everything you type while chatting, writing emails etc. is effective, easy to read, and is mistake free. You can register on Grammarly to check your Weekly Insights. You will start receiving emails with personalized performance stats and insights. There are similar extensions available, but Grammarly is the Best Google Chrome Extensions for editing files and typing without mistakes.


Some Key features of Grammarly are:

  • Contextual Spelling Checker.
  • Grammar Checker.
  • Double click to see Antonyms and Synonyms of words.
  • Enable or disable checking on domains (websites) of your choice.
  • Detect plagiarism and get citation suggestions

5. AdBlockbest google chrome extensions

This is certainly the most popular Chrome extension with more than 40 million downloads. This extension blocks unwanted ads from Youtube, Facebook and all over the Web.

You can customize this extension but choose specific websites where you want to display ads. There are many websites which don’t allow you to access their content unless you disable AdBlocker. So, you have to make certain changes to view those websites.


However, Bloggers don’t want users to install AdBlock as their entire Blog/Website business depends upon Advertisements. So, we also recommend you not to install this extension:-).

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