5 Best Free Fax App to Send/Receive Faxes For Android Phones (Updated 2020)


    The use of traditional fax machines to send and receive faxes is coming to an end. Technology is changing how people and businesses send and receive faxes thanks to online fax apps. These fax apps send faxes through the internet. According to Google Fax Free, the best free fax app for Android devices is CocoFax. Google Fax Free is the most comprehensive blog about online fax services.

    You only need to access Google Fax Free to learn about the best fax app for Android and iOS devices. To check out Google Fax Free visit their website here. In this article, we show you the 5 best free fax apps for Android phones.

    Best Free Fax App to Send/Receive Faxes

    1. CocoFax

    Cocofax is the leading online fax service with millions of users across the world. It is compatible with Android, computers, iPhones, and other internet-enabled devices. The service has gained the attention of Forbes.

    The ingenious service is trusted by businesses and professionals who prefer a convenient way of faxing. CocoFax is becoming their preferred mode of sending and receiving faxes. The fax app provides multiple features.

    Best Free Fax App


    CocoFax uses the latest technology in security protocol to safeguard faxes from unauthorized access. It encrypts faxes to protect them during transmission.

    With CocoFax, you get multiple features that are not available even in the most expensive traditional fax machines. The app allows you to sync your faxes across different Android devices using just one account.

    Actually, no need to download the app on your smartphone. CocoFax provides its users with different ways of sending faxes for added flexibility and portability.

    Best Free Fax App

    Benefits of using CocoFax

    Reliable: CocoFax provides delivery reports for both sent and received faxes. It allows you to know if your fax was delivered or not. Also, it lets you know how long it took your fax to reach the destination. You receive notifications in the dashboard and registered email address.

    Choose free custom fax number: CocoFax allows you to choose a custom fax number at no extra cost when signing up. Besides the fax number, CocoFaxprovides you with 30-days of a free trial.

    2. FaxFile

    Another remarkable online fax app for Android is FaxFile. However, you can receive faxes with FaxFile. To use FaxFile, you need to download the Android app on your smartphone.

    FaxFile allows users to send local and international faxes. Another limitation of this app is that you can’t send faxes through email. Also, you need to purchase credits through Google play before you can send faxes.

    3. iFax

    iFax is another fax app for Android devices. The main way iFax sends faxes is by capturing pictured of documents using iFax Scanner. iFax then transmits the fax through the internet.

    One of the downsides of using this app is that you can’t receive faxes with this iFax. The app also doesn’t provide a free trial period, so you have to subscribe. You can pay per fax or month.

    Another shortcoming is its user interface is unreliable. However, if you want an average online fax service for use on your Android phone, choose iFax.

    4. Fax Plus

    Fax.Plus is an online fax service that lets you send and receive faxes. Although you don’t get to choose the fax number, you can share the one you get to receive faxes.

    The email to fax feature comes with a subscription. So, you can use this app to send and receive faxes through email. However, there are complaints that sometimes people miss incoming faxes in their email.

    5. Faxburner

    Another decent app for faxing on Android devices is Faxburner. It gives users a disposable fax number so, it is only good if you want to fax once or twice. To send faxes, the app uses fax credits which it charges.

    To receive a fax, it gives you a disposable fax number that lasts 24 hours. The app is not suitable for professionals or businesses since they prefer permanent fax numbers. Per month, Faxburner allows only 4 free fax pages. After reaching the free limit, the charges are very high.


    The best online fax app should let you send and receive faxes on your Android phone. Some provide limited services compared to others. Check out CocoFax online fax service for your Android phone.


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