Best Android Apps to UpSkill Your Writing Style


Students, bloggers, and professionals of all description all have one thing in common: many of them wish they were better with the written word. For students, in particular, this is an important issue to address. Good grades hinge on the ability to produce quality written work.

Today, we would like to make a few recommendations for apps and online resources anyone with an Android phone can access, typically free or cheap. How many of these have you tried already? Which ones look like they could help improve your writing skills?

Best Android Apps

Best Android Apps to UpSkill Your Writing Style


Currently available on iOS and coming soon for Android, the Popplet App can be used in all its functionality via the web-based responsive version that works on any mobile platform. This is an excellent app for students who struggle with concepts like sentence structure, compound sentences, and other writing concepts that reinforce the ability to communicate well through the written word.


Also in the works for Android but responsively designed to work on any mobile device, EssayPro takes writing education to the next level. Tap to access some of the best content available from a single source centered on academic writing. Their valuable educational resources are available free of charge and are accessible without a login.

The site also offers full-spectrum writing services that include real-time proofreading, editing, and content development. They can help you finish a project or write it from scratch. Work directly with the affordable essay writing service on the web and leave the legwork to the pros.


The GraphWords app is an interactive visual thesaurus app that provides both synonyms and antonyms to less descriptive words. Words are arranged by parts of speech with all possible variants to ensure proper contextual usage. This app is a must for passionate writers looking to enhance their skills and grow their vocabularies.

Daily Page

One of the toughest things to get past as a writer is a blank page. All that empty space can be intimidating. This is why Daily Page starts the writer off right: with daily writing prompts delivered via email. It works seamlessly with Android’s native email client, Gmail, and other mobile-ready email readers. Engaging often with the prompts can help make words that once seemed difficult to find flow more freely. The app serves narrative, non-narrative, fiction, and nonfiction prompts every single day.

Best Android Apps


We all wish we’d paid more attention to those boring vocab lists while we’re grasping for a better way to convey an idea on a paper or essay. Downloading this app will make your exasperated 10th-grade English teacher proud, and it will help you start catching up on all the words you’ve missed out on learning and using until now.

The app uses traditional teaching methods combined with gameplay to help users learn new words every day. Want a cool challenge? Combine Vocabology with Daily Page and see if you can combine your new vocabulary word into the prompt!

750 Words

The only real way to become a better writer is to write, write some more, then write some more. Using this app along with some of the others on this list can catapult your writing skills into the upper stratosphere. It not only encourages writing every day, but it also rewards the writer for doing it with point values assigned to meeting deadline and word count requirements. 750 Words is also an active boot camp for copywriters who want to learn how to churn out better copy in less time.

The point of 750 Words is to help aspiring writers build self-discipline. It does this by assisting the writer in setting specific goals, all culminating in writing about three pages per day or by an established deadline. This is another app that pairs well with Daily Page. It can help academic writers make better use of details, and it can help aspiring novelists work on concepts like exposition and descriptiveness.

All of the above apps are designed for or optimized to work on Android phones, but most work on a variety of devices including your school laptop via Chrome or other comparable browsers, too. Use them alone or in tandem with each other to keep the task of writing exciting, fresh, and fun. Most of all, use them to get better at all kinds of writing tasks – this is important in both professional and academic pursuits.


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