Some Cool Bed TV Lift Ideas For your Home and Offices

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Not really a novelty in the art of interior organization, built-in and mobile furniture still remains an utterly practical and comfortable solution for any types of living spaces. Designers were swept with the mobility concept ever since the Hi-Tech type of designs had become a trend. It allows making even the smallest-sized accommodation functional and spacious, with the convenient storage for everything.Bed TV Lift Ideas

Automation as a Hi-Tech feature

A few years ago, only renowned designers were able to provide interior solutions with the built-in furniture, services of which were very expensive. Today, you can single-handedly organize a Hi-Tech interior for your dwelling with some effort.

Primarily, we’re talking about automated lifts that help conveniently hide and, in general, set functional parts of the interior in motion. You can pay for everything to get done without your particular involvement, but you can also build a decent analog personally if you want. Such lifts are set into motion by linear actuators controlled by the remote control. It will cost you a few dozen bucks and a couple hours of your time to build a piece of the interior that starts at $200-300 in a store.

Top-7 ways to install a lift for a TV

We’d like to share some ways you could organize a TV lift, which is a renowned designer solution that will take your leisure to the next level. So, where to put an automatically lifted TV?

1. In the base cabinetBed TV Lift Ideas

The most traditional way to place an automated lifted TV. All that is required is to make an aperture in the top of the cabinet slightly bigger than your TV so it fits. Leave the cut-out part to glue it on the top of the TV so that the cabinet would look wholesome when your setup is collapsed. The lift should be placed inside the cabinet – pullout drawers won’t do here. Choose a type of cabinet with doors situated at its sides.

2. Inside a wallBed TV Lift Ideas

In order to fixate a lifted TV in the wall, you will have to make a special niche beforehand (the plasterboard construction is usually used). Notice that this option could take space and not be much sufficient for a really small room.

3. In a ceilingBed TV Lift Ideas

If you have a hung ceiling in your apartment, it’s a great place to situate your lifted TV. This construction, though, will require a more complex approach. Apart from a linear actuator that would move a TV up and down, you will also need to find a way to make it collapse in a ceiling. You will require a joint that would connect two static elements to make them flexible.

4. In floorBed TV Lift Ideas

A special raised floor can be organized for a lifted TV. In fact, you can use this solution not only for storing your television set but also to hide and store other things (like shoes, for example).

5. In the form of a partition between separate functional areasBed TV Lift Ideas

A TV as a partition is a great solution for studio apartments that will help conveniently visually separate two areas. A lift that can also rotate a TV is an advanced way to adapt the direction of the screen to any possible positions, making it accessible to watch from any nearby point.

6. In a wardrobe

Bed TV Lift Ideas

As long as people watch TV mostly in the evening when the sun goes down, there was designed placing of the TV lift into the inside of the wardrobe. It is quite convenient to have your TV installed there because it is hidden, and you can see it only if needed.

7. In the bookcase

Bed TV Lift Ideas

The construction of some of the bookcases supposes the installation of the TV lift in a bedroom. Such placement of the TV saves a lot of space and looks pretty good in the bedroom. Besides, it does not distract the attention. It is a perfect way out for smart flats.

Is a TV needed in a bedroom?

One group of scientists claims that installing TV is dangerous in a bedroom. Why? This is because they state that a bedroom should be used only for the rest, but not for other activities. They believe that blinking screen and noise may ruin the nervous system.

For instance, the creator of the Sleep Sense Program, Dana Obleman states that using TV before going to bed interferes with a Melatonin production. This is a hormone, which our body secrets when it is dark. It is a sleepy hormone, to be more precise. And if there are too many lights in the house, its production can be slowed down. Dana claims that that is why many people have sleep issues.

However, the sexologists admit that watching TV with your family positively affects your sexual life with your partner. According to their research, couples who watch TV in a bedroom, have sex two times more than those who don’t. Some of the scientists note that it is natural for the urban citizen to fall asleep, listening to the noise of the city. Consequently, watching TV in a bed can improve your mood and calm you down.

How to choose a TV for a bedroom?

Buying a new TV might be quite a hard experience, but with these tips, it will be much easier to do this:

Which screen size?

The size of the screen should depend on how close you will be sitting towards the screen. If you are sitting the correct distance to your TV, you’ll see lots of detail and smooth clean motion. But if you are sitting too close to the screen, then you are going to see a lot of pitchy noise. If you are sitting too far away from your TV, it will be difficult to see all the pitchy detail of your TV. The rule is that you should seat 1.6 times the diagonal size away from the screen. Consequently, the minimum distance is 1.3 meters.

How to install a TV lift in a bedroom so that it would be invisible?

If your bedroom has a classical design, then it will be essential to hide a TV lift for the sake of harmony. There are several methods how to do it:

  • Mirror TVs – It’s a novelty in technologies. If such a TV is switched off, it looks like an ordinary mirror, which can be perfectly placed into every interior.
  • Specific mechanisms – Those are mechanisms that hide the TV in the furniture. If you need, the TV screen can show up. Thanks to such mechanisms, you can hide your TV even under the bed. You can control the TV with a help of remote control.

 Pros and cons of TV lift in a bedroom:


  • You can always hide the TV set if you want. So that nobody will know whether you have a TV in a bedroom or don’t.
  • You are always able to watch TV. Meaning, you can view your favorite programs, movies, and other videos whenever you wish.
  • It is very convenient to have a TV lift in a bedroom because it saves a lot of space, making it possible for other components of furniture to be installed.
  • TV in a bedroom is perfect for couples because it can improve sexual performance.


  • You should take time to find the professional to install this TV lift or do it yourself, which is rather difficult.
  • If you will do it yourself, you have to be very accurate with the details.
  • It may lead to sleeping issues because of a blue light.

Analyzing all this stuff…

Making up your mind to install a TV lift in your bedroom seems to be such an ambiguous decision. On the one hand, scientists do not recommend doing it because it might lead to sleep issues. However, the other group of researchers claims the opposite, stating that a TV in a bedroom is a proper way out for couples that want to have a baby.

Anyway, no matter whom you are going to listen, the idea of placing a TV lift design will work well either in a big house or in a small apartment. Such a TV lift saves a lot of space, is innovative, up-to-date, and extremely comfortable to utilize. Besides, there are many ways how you can place your TV lift in a bedroom, making you enjoy the overall design. Consequently, if you invite a guest to your house you will not blush because you will be able to hide your TV anytime you wish.


Automation increasingly covers regular human processes. Lately, it became a common thing in the aspect of the interior organization. Just imagine how modern or even futuristic the design of your dwelling would look with one of the mentioned lift solutions! The main thing here is to have enough space to hide a furniture item when there’s no necessity in using it. You can choose progressive tv lifts right on our official website. We offer a wide assortment, top-notch product quality, and reasonable pricing. Don’t hesitate to take a look!

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