Appvalley – Sideload Modded Apps & Games on iOS Without Jailbreak


There are millions and millions of applications been made, unfortunately not every app is available for our use on the official play store and the app store. One has to get in touch with the third party source to get access to these applications.

One such, most used third party source which is currently the best as well is AppValley.  One can download N no of applications from here, which are not available on the official app stores.

The best part about this application is that one doesn’t require to jailbreak! So if you are an IOS user who doesn’t wish to pay every time they download the application, you can give Appvalley a try.


Many IOS users are concerned if the Appvalley is a safe alternative, nevertheless, we can assure it is a safe alternative for one to get a hold on to all the desired applications.

Features of Appvalley that will amaze you!

  • Appvalley is an ocean of apps, it contains all the tweaked, exclusive as well as modified applications.
  • Appvalley is one of the safest third party sources,  as the developers of the applications are constantly checking the bugs and resolving all the arising issues.
  • Often all the IOS users are worried that they will have to jailbreak to download a third party sourced application, well this is not the case when it comes to Appvalley.
  • The Appvalley server is quick with all the tasks which are why any app downloaded from here will take Nanoseconds to download.
  • Along with a vast database from which one can choose, the application also offers you an easy to use user interface.

Now that you are tempted enough to download the application, let me tell you how?.

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How to Download the Appvalley on your iOS Devices

  • One must have a Safari browser on their device to download Appvalley.
  • Copy paste the link in the search bar of safari browser to download AppValley App.
  • Now the next step is to choose your iOS version, after this click the configuration option 1.
  • After the configuration is allowed.
  • Now, you will be seeing a pop-up, after this hit the close option.
  • Navigate to the settings from the main menu option of your IOS device and click on the profile downloaded.
  • Hit on the install and enter if there is a requirement of a passcode.
  • Now tap on the options that keep coming, and finally reach to the option of “Install again”.
  • Once you are done with, you will see the Appvalley application icon on your home screen.

    AppValley Apps UI
    AppValley Apps UI

One must know that using a safari browser is essential, as there are chances that if one tries to use any other browser, the Appvalley app may not be installed.

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How to Install Modded Apps, Games & Premium Applications for Free

Getting our favorite app or game from AppValley store is very easy. It’s a matter of a few seconds with few taps on our favorite. Let’s discuss step by step way to get any app or game to our device.

  • Launch the AppValley App.
  • Just look for search option in the app, and enter our favorite app or game on the name in that search bar.
  • Next, Hit on the relevant app or game among all search results.
  • Next, Tap on install that particular game or app.
  • Once you completed with the installation, go to General>>Settings>>Select that particular game and trust it before launching it.
  • Now, You can enjoy your game or app which is modded one or premium version for free.

    AppValley Apps & Games
    AppValley Apps & Games

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Final words: AppValley – Best Store to get Modded Apps & Games

AppValley is an easy to use third-party source which can be used on almost all the devices. Even an IOS user does not need jailbreak for this, one can get access to multiple other exclusive applications without paying any charges to the App Store.

Now, often users are confused as to how to start using this application even after a user-friendly interface. So, once you have searched the application you were looking, you have to follow the in-app directions to get it completely installed on your IOS device.

AppValley is the most trusted third party source which is worth a try. If in case you have any queries or face any troubles while downloading the application, you can comment below and let us know.


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