7 Best iPhone Launchers for Android and iOS


Let’s be honest, the interface of the iPhone is really fluid and smooth with some showy features of course. To every Android user, the iPhone interface does attract us a major scale but we fail to convince ourselves to switch to one, why? Because they are rigid with zero customizable features also iPhones are expensive and many of us may buy a Samsung, OnePLus etc on that price range then buying an iPhone. iPhone does comes with a few more demerits. So, here is our list of Best iPhone Launchers for Android and iOS handmade by us just for you.

Hence, its a win-win situation for all of us. But thwheen none of the mentioned launchers enhances your software capabilities by any way nor will they undercast them in any form. However, you may need to try on a few first to get the launcher which suits you the best. Some of these may be little less smooth or snappy or some may make your device lag a bit but that’s only because the hardware fails to stay in par with these launchers. Don’t worry none of them would contain any undesired programs as we guarantee on that and of course, Google Play too.

So, without further ado let’s jump right into it.

Best iOS / iPhone Launchers for Android 2019

1. i6 iOS Launcher

Best iPhone Launchers for Android and iOS

So, from the name, we know it that i6 iOS Launcher comes from Apple’s highly popular model that blew the market i.e iPhone 6. Therefore, it gives a similar type of feeling and features as that of the model itself. However, it has got several ads that will pop up every now and then that some of you might not appreciate. It is free and performance-wise talking it is as smooth as butter and snappy as soon as you start running it.

2. iLauncher

Best iPhone Launchers for Android and iOS

iLauncher has some genuine iOS features to offer its user base besides being smooth and easy. It has got those accurate sets of transitions and gestures. This will take a little bit of time if you have been using Android all your life. Though being a freeware software, the set of gestures and transitions are limited. There are a few more features that come with the paid version like ‘unread badge count’ and many more.

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3. Espier Launcher

Best iPhone Launchers for Android and iOS

Espier Launcher is one of the most popular launchers on this list. The fluidity and performance is just worth admiring. It changes your homepage as soon as you install and run it. It helps improve the performance of your interface and provide a lag-free experience. As we mentioned earlier unlike any other device it won’t improve your device in any way but the tons of optimization programming that the app underwent during development makes it so flawless. In addition to that unlike the original Apple launcher, ot has got tons of modifications that one can make according to his or her desire. Like, add widgets, change icon sie and lots more. But there are few limitations that are set for keeping the user’s personal interests in mind. The limitations are there so that lots of them don’t slow your device. Currently, there are two versions i6 and i7. The later is more efficient, obviously duh.

4. Phone X Launcher

Best iPhone Launchers for Android and iOS

If you impressed with iPhone X’s marvellous interface then this is exclusively for you. This Launcher is a total copy of iPhone X and even the infamous notch is there. If you have a model without a notch, this may be a piece of sad news for you otherwise this feature shines your phone even better. In spite of having a fairly simple and sophisticated design, it has modifications that a user can make including changing gestures and shortcuts.

5. One Launcher

Best iPhone Launchers for Android and iOS

One Launcher is one of the Best iPhone Launchers for Android and iOS. This is the most distributed Launcher around the web and there are some serious justifications for that. Firstly, it mimics the original launcher pretty weel with same iOS transition effects summed with icon packs, system icons etc. They would be generally scattered all around your screen but thanks to customization options one can alot them desired places. Along with this, the apps are organised according to genres same as an original iPhone. If using an older version of Android, you may need to allow the app access to certain permissions. And last but not least it will enhance the phone performation with optimization. Well, this app is a heavy piece so will recommend this to models with decent hardware specifications.

6. OS 10 Launcher

Launchers for Android and iOS

OS 10 Launcher is an almost clone to the actual iOS available in iPhone X. Starting from icons to gestures everuthing is changed as you start using the launcher. Secondly, you may customize the size and other stuff according to your own wish to see how this app fits you. You can make an absolute realistic mirror of iPhone screen with some tiny efforts. Then in widgets, it has the weather widget which is also the replica of the original one. Just put in your city and it shows you the weather with its minimalistic approach.

7. Launch Centre Pro

The title already talks about iOS launchers as well and no it’s not a clickbait. Though iOS doesn’t offer launchers but still developers do get their way around. Launch Center Pro is the best and we promise that. It changes the way you launch apps and avails you the option to use some special feature within app. It has got Launch Center Pro which lets to assign shortcuts to your day to day activities so that they are even more easily accessible. The Notification Center will support Dark and light themes, Dropbox backups, 3D Touch support with customizable quick actions and last but not the least Simple launch creation too. The number of super-geeky features that it has to offer are countless but we will still name a few i.e. Automation settings for launching at specific times or locations. Organizational groups are supported and IFTTT support. But all this comes at a price and that is 2.99 USD. Though I’ll say its totally worth it.

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Each of the above-mentioned Launchers has got some unique to offer. Some better replicates iOS while one is better at performance while the other provides better customization. As already stated one has to try a few initially and choose the one which best suits his choice and of course keeping his/her hardware capabilities in mind.

So, this was the list of Best iPhone Launchers for Android and iOS handmade by us just for you. Hope you like the article. We have tried to cover everything but if you think we missed something in the list, comment down below to let us know. If you have any queries or suggestion regarding our list of Best iPhone Launchers for Android and iOS don’t forget to comment in the comment section. Cheers!


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