5 Hidden Android Features 95% OF Users Don’t Know About.


hidden android features

Hidden Android Features Most of the People Don’t Know about!!

Most of you have smartphones in your pocket and seem to know everything about your smartphone. But many of you have no idea about what your smartphones are really capable of?

To let you guys know what unbelievable things your device is competent of, we have brought you some Hidden Android Features that most of the people don’t know about.

1. Screen Magnifier

Want to magnify your Android device screen? Have poor eyesight? Google gives an easy way to do it.This feature will resolve all your problems.

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Go to Settings -> Accessibility -> Magnification gestures. Then you’ll be able to zoom in/out on any part of the screen simply by tapping it.


Sometimes you need to hand your phone to someone else for a while. But most of us worry about thinking that they can quickly go through our personal data, pictures, and videos. Google provides an easy way to protect this. To explore this Hidden Android Features Simply turn the GUEST Mode ON before giving your smartphone to someone else.

guest mode in android

Steps to Activate Guest Mode on your Device:

  •  Swipe down from the top with two fingers.
  • Tap the user icon in the upper right.
  • Tap the Add guest icon.you’ll be able to choose which actions the person handling your smartphone will be allowed to take.
  • Now you’ll be able to choose various actions the person handling your smartphone will be allowed to use.


Google added a “Battery Saver” mode to Android with Android 5.0 Lollipop onwards. This mode can help prolong your battery when it’s almost dead. One of the easiest ways to save your smartphone’s battery power is to activate the Power.

Another simple way to save your smartphone’s  battery power is by selecting a dark background for your screen. This will turn off the automatic pixel highlighting and you can see your device power lasts longer. 


We, Humans, are comfortable to hear things, rather than reading things. So if you would like to hear this our blog on your smartphone, just go to the Settings section, and click on accessibility to activate the text to speech output option.


Smartphones with newer versions of Android have a secret game inbuilt in them. This game is hidden and you need to find it.  Google has placed a small game which is small yet interesting for all the Android users. If you want to play this game, go to the setting section, about your device, section.

If you want to play this game, just go to Settings -> About Device and then Tap the Android version few times. A box will open, tap in the box you are in the game. Play this special Small hidden game from Android.


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