Top 5 Apps to Curb Smartphone Addiction.


In a world of social networking sites and numerous of apps, we often lose contact with our friends. This needs to be controlled in time so as people can go out and explore things which are yet to be explored.  But what’s stopping you from enjoying outside world? Your addiction, Addiction to apps and every other thing in your smartphone. There can be ways to curb your addiction and help you enjoy other things. So, Here are some apps that can help you resist your temptation to use apps and restrict your Smartphone Addiction.

#1 Quality Time

5 Apps to Curb Smartphone Addiction

QualityTime offers you a quirky and thorough analysis of your activities in your smartphone by tracking total usage of each app. It also determines the number of times you have unlocked and locked the phone. It gives you a record of your usage of apps with hourly, a weekly and monthly summary of your usage. You can control your usage and curb your addiction with some additional amazing features of this app i.e. You can set restrictions on yourself in the form of alerts such as take a break or scheduled breaks. Whenever needed, you can control yourself by enabling these features. It also gives you access to blocking which blocks notifications and calls automatically. You can enable its feature and mention from which app you don’t want to get notification and person from whom you don’t want to receive a call.
However, you can also mark some exceptions whose call may be important to you or app which is useful.

#2 AppDetox

5 Apps to Curb Smartphone Addiction

It’s time to focus on important things. AppDetox helps you manage your mobile users to keep you focused whenever required and to use freely when it’s time to relax. You can restrict the usage of social networking sites whenever it’s time to work, which of course gives you plenty of time to focus. Also, you can off your work sites or emails on weekends or vacations.
You can manage, how many times an app is to be opened or how much time you have to waste on an app, in settings. Settings are easy to handle and flexible.

#3 Screen Time Control

5 Apps to Curb Smartphone Addiction

This app can be used to minimize the usage of apps and keep yourself in line. You can limit your overall time you use on your smartphone and also it tracks your every action and gives you reminders of how many times you have opened an app or how much time you have wasted on it. Settings can be easily accessed by a simple off and on the button.

#4 Forest

5 Apps to Curb Smartphone Addiction

Unlike other apps, this app provides a different and interesting solution to reduce your usage of apps. In this, you have to plant a seed in the forest which eventually will grow into a tree. Your continuous use of this app will form a forest. However, if you can’t hold out against you addiction and go on for using another app, your tree will dwindle off.

#5 OffTime

5 Apps to Curb Smartphone Addiction

Off Time app lets you focus on your life out of social networking sites. It lets you manage your smartphone usage and take breaks whenever needed. Off time also analyses your habits and takes actions according to them. It set hurdles, reminders and even restrict access to some of the apps.


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